Summer Vacation: Fulfilling Your Happiness During a Break

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As the summer approached, everyone would sometimes think about what to do and who to spend the summer vacation. Before the vacation starts, I will make various plans and prepare for the vacation period to be active, but it is really hard to carry out the plan steadily. Moreover, it's not easy in these days' heat. Then, let's find out what it takes to fill this vacation with more time. Many people think they will take a break during the vacation, but it is also important to use precious time for themselves as well as to take a break, and to heal the tired body and mind with work and study. But how do we spend that time? How can we improve health and mood, improve brain function, improve productivity, and effectively spend our summer vacation time in 2019?

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Books are always close and it is good to read them as little as possible. Especially, during vacation, I have to compile a list of books that I have to read, and read books every day at least for a short time. Use your accent to read books at a leisurely pace to change the atmosphere after It's a good idea to read books that have to be read, but have not been read, or are introduced in textbooks. Textbooks often have difficulty solving problems because they do not know the full contents of the book. During the vacation, it is good to read books that are introduced in the textbooks and understand them well. There are also books that contain only the works mentioned in the textbook, so it's good to read them. Gina K (G11) said, 'When I travel, I always carry a book with me.' We all know that doesn't mean we have to read a lot of books during our vacation. Then, isn't it terrible for many reasons? One of the most effective ways is to carry books with you at all times. If you start reading even a short line of messages anytime, anywhere, it will soon become a habit.

Also, the most important thing during the break is to take care of your health. It's not easy to stay in good shape, especially in the hot summer. If it was difficult to take care of the unhealthy part due to the busy schedule during the semester, it is necessary to get intensive treatment during the vacation or to exercise steadily to develop basic physical strength. To study steadily, it is natural that health as well as basic physical strength are more important than anything else. It's also good to choose your favorite sports and try them regularly. Also important is getting enough sleep. Most of us don't fully understand it, but sleep is one of the essential parts of study and health. According to many studies, if we take all the necessary breaks during the vacation, the vacation will improve our welfare. First of all, this means we get a comfortable sleep so that we can take all the rest we need. Eugene L(G12) emphasized that the most important part of the trip is sufficient sleep. This may be why we should stay at the hotel rather than rest on the couch of relatives.

Also, take part in an experience event to decide your career path. The idea of why studying is more important than how to do it. That's how you can motivate yourself to study. Experience a variety of jobs and have a chance to think about what kind of jobs are appropriate according to It is also good to have a job experience center or experience event, and as the grade goes up, it is good to have a deeper look into and investigate the jobs that are interesting. Your future career, career path, can be changed at any time, but if you can organize your thoughts by reading a variety of books about areas of interest, you will be able to motivate your studies and help you take the entrance exam. Anna C. (G12) said, 'It was a painting that attracted my interest. I'm happy to learn something in a short time, even if it's not a long break,' he said. Even if you don't start again after a break, this new learning will be a new way to make a special connection to your brain. It will also help to break away from the usual mental pattern and start a normal day in a refreshing mood.

Don't neglect your volunteer work. The vacation must be the best time to do volunteer work. Through volunteer work, you can also get access to various aspects of social life, and it can be a good opportunity to gain a sense of psychological stability and confidence. Make sure you create opportunities for mental growth, not just knowledge, during the vacation. It will have a positive impact because you can spend time with new people and pay all your attention. Because the more we connect with our loved ones and more communities, the healthier and happier we are. If you don't have an appealing gathering where your family or friends can attend, look for community events or volunteer activities somewhere. Anna A(G12) said she would participate in community service during her vacation, encouraging her to create a new relationship during her vacation.

When making happiness during and after vacation, the most important thing is to spend time at least doing the things you enjoy. So far, we have found ways to spend our summer vacation more effectively.If you didn't do it during the semester, but I really wanted to try something, don't miss it during the vacation. I hope you can make up for my lack and prepare for next semester, so make it an opportunity to try and experience various things. At least take some time to do what you know. Then you will be happy.

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