Supervisor Support: Receiving Support from Others Can Help You Achieve Success

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Supervisor support exists when employees perceive their immediate supervisor as leading by example, giving them the support needed to do the job well, is perceived to be personally effective, and is good at developing and retaining people. It is very important that the supervisor-employee relationships in linking people to their job and organization. Since the immediate supervisor are perceived as agents of the organization, their behaviors play critical roles in shaping the employees’ attitudes and behaviors, and their level of commitment to their organizations. The unique contribution of perceived Supervisor support, apart from perceived organizational support and perceptions of human resource practices, was found by Kuvaas and Dysvik (2010). They concluded that how the supervisor support is perceived is important in shaping employee attitudes, which subsequently influence commitment and turnover intentions. Walumbwa et al. (2011) supported the notion that authentic supervisor support inspires commitment beyond expected levels of discretionary effort when they found a significant positive relation between authentic leadership and organizational citizenship behavior.

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Consistent with these researches, we assert a path that involves the influence of supervisor support on reducing the turnover rate. Supervisor support involve the positive feelings that people get from their work. These feelings reinforce and energize self-management efforts and make work personally fulfilling. Experiencing Supervisor support helps to create an upward spiral of positive feelings and experiences. Along these lines, studies show that supervisor effort can influence engineer and general knowledge worker turnover decisions on factors, such as perceived satisfaction with organization group culture, peer coordination, and POS (Mohr et al., 2012; Shapiro, 2013).

In this paper, we examine the role of supervisor support on personal commitment, and the mediating effect of perceived career success, on turnover. We propose two mechanisms by which Supervisor support influences turnover. One is via the career success experienced that is associated with Supervisor support directly, or indirectly as mediated by perceptions of intrinsic rewards. The second is via the personal commitment felt as a result of Supervisor support, and how Supervisor support and this commitment affect turnover.

Requirments for Supervisor

Supervisor in USP China have a clear opportunity to retain more of their people by showing strong personal commitment and interest in each employee. Show personal interest. Remembering events that are important to the employee such as employment anniversary dates, birthdays, and family events are simple ways of showing a nice link to employees at a personal level. The Supervisor in USP China can make it a habit to host a regular dinner with his employees and their spouses to foster more of a personal relationship. This personal connection helped to build a sense of personal commitment with employees.

Hold career discussions. Meeting to discuss career progress and plans on a regular basis helped to demonstrate Supervisor support because it opened the dialogue on employee interests and motivators. Supervisor can gain valuable insights when listening to their people and asking insightful questions about their interests. This can provide clues to influence intrinsic rewards and ways to enhance the employee’s perceived career success.

Acknowledge contributions on a timely basis. While many organizations in our sample had proper performance management and reward systems in place, Supervisor have the opportunity to more aggressively thank and acknowledge employee contributions. One Supervisor in a manufacturing location near Chennai was known for the way he was able to thank his employees. Each week he stopped by their work areas and thanked them –not with generalities – but with specific examples of their efforts and how it made a difference. The employees reported feeling good about the work they were doing and the progress that they were making.

Use a system of delegation. Using delegation to foster personal commitment and retention derived from such things as meaningfulness and choice, supervisor have the opportunity to build ways of working with their team members that provide some level of autonomy within set parameters. This can create more of a sense of ownership for the work efforts and decisions within employees.

Celebrate milestones and successes. To create a sense of progress and pride, supervisor have the opportunity to celebrate milestones reached and outcome successes with their employees. These do not need to be limited to major promotions or milestones, but are relevant for small achievements and have a cumulative impact. Supervisor need to remind their people of the career success they are achieving.

Requirements for Human Resources Managers

Though it is important for supervisor in USP China in addressing the problem of turnover rate, yet many HR managers are straddled with addressing this challenge through HR programs. The importance of supervisor support on personal commitment and perceived career success highlights a number of potential implications for HR managers.

Improve training for supervisor. Given the focus on supervisor effectiveness in their discussions with employees on topics of their career, interests, and goals, it is important to diligently train supervisor how to do this. Many supervisours attend training that is designed to address company programs on productivity, quality, metrics to improve profitability, and/or cost management. Perhaps more attention should be placed on helping to develop supervisor in a way that allows them to build strong personal connections with their subordinates and use supervisor support to engage and retain their talent.

Hold Supervisor accountable for retention. Supervisor behavior can have a strong influence on turnover – HR managers can include retention goals as objectives for supervisor at all levels. While some might argue that turnover is not entirely within the control of a supervisor, supervisor have a strong and direct impact on retention.

Develop mechanisms for non-monetary rewards. Several companies are recognizing the importance of non-monetary rewards to provide recognition, which acknowledges progress and the potential meaningfulness of the work effort by employees. These systems can potentially help foster personal commitment and retention. HR managers in USP can actively develop systems for supervisor to use as tools for addressing retention in their teams.

Share good human resource management practices. HR managers have the opportunity to observe the practices and results that supervisor achieve with their teams. This provides information that could be powerful to develop organizational learning, training and practices that fit well with the organization. By sharing good practices that have worked for certain supervisor, they can encourage others to try similar techniques and practices. This type of organizational learning could be a good way to improve practices across organizational boundaries.

Learn from the employee who leave. When employee leave the USP China, HR managers can help ensure that the “real” reasons that people choose to leave are understood. Too often, the root cause of a person’s decision to leave is masked by a rationale that is easier to communicate such as “presented with a better financial opportunity” or “location closer to my family.” Robust exit interview processes probe all aspects of satisfaction with employment to help HR identify trends, issues, and general feedback that can be used to make improvements.

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