Supporting Environmental Sustainability and Safety with Nuclear Energy


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Nuclear material has an impact on our lives every day but they can also be turned into killing weapons if it is found in the wrong hands becomes a threat to all of us. It is no new thing that world leaders know that nuclear terrorism is one of the greatest hazards facing humanity because of the threat of producing a nuclear weapon has gone up as a result of more countries acquiring the weapons, the experiment has continued to increase thereby improving the technology of nuclear production. It is not true that all nuclear weapons are controlled by the international agency because thousands of tons of Atomic materials are distributed all over the world and our hope is that countries that have access to a nuclear weapon are keeping it safe.

We need early and reliable actions to fix the weak links that threaten human lives. There is a need for improvement when handling a weapon of mass destruction; especially bureaucrats need to have enough systematic approach of stopping nuclear weapon getting in the wrong hands. This weakness increases the chances of terrorist acquiring a bomb. A nuclear weapon can be transported to any part of the world because we have a global world that is growing in terms of transportation of material from countries to countries. It has become very difficult to see the actual seller and buyer of nuclear weapon because they involve middlemen in the illicit trafficking of this weapon.

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Since 2009, we have made improvement since former president of United State of America: Barrack Obama launched an international approach to secure all vulnerable nuclear material around the world with the start of the nuclear security summit. Whenever world leader come together for a nuclear security summit, they need to be reminded that now is the time to step up and take innovative action and they have to understand that the summit should be based on adequately understanding the impact of nuclear materials and sharing information so that we can help each other to make our leaders accountable and feel confident that we are safe. Our leaders need to understand that we need a safe measurable standard that is sustainably effective in reducing cutting of stockpiles wherever that is possible.

I believe it is possible to achieve nuclear security in the world to make the world safer if we consistently implement the rules and regulation from the nuclear security summit whether it is for making a weapon for protection, energy production and Research purposes. Nations that seek to acquire nuclear arsenals for them to get stronger needs to be reminded of taking action of ensuring that terrorist doesn’t obtain and deploy a nuclear weapon. I believe that the reduction of the stockpile of highly enriched uranium and plutonium is a step in the right Direction to support the effort of the international community to ensure that smuggling of nuclear material is reduce, eliminated and the need for improvement in the physical protection of nuclear facilities to make countries comply with the treaties that they have signed. There is always a danger that a third party can make fossil material to produce weapons of mass destruction which can be catastrophic if the weapon is been sold to Terrorist.

We need to ensure those nations continue to collaborate with the international agency on nuclear energy, and the institution of the coalition, so as make better law to support nuclear energy and environmental sustainability. International agency of nuclear weapons needs to improve their checking on countries doing a nuclear experiment by making sure that these countries are not selling their nuclear materials and vital Information to a terrorist organization. The only purpose of countries involved in nuclear weapon should be to improve their nuclear potential for energy production, self-preservation and Countries whose highest revenue is the sale of weapon need to be made to understand that they are also living within the international community and they need to know the danger involved in the sale of nuclear weapon if there is mismanagement.

There is a need for awareness that every independent country in the world needs to experience their own sovereignty so that there will not be oppression among the nation. Every Sovereign Country in the world needs to protect its citizens to live in peace in the international community collectively and individually. In developing countries, I believe we don’t have a stockpile of nuclear materials in the quantity that will cause harm in the international community. I want to implore Developing countries to look into the opportunity of developing standard sustainable energy by prospecting and mining radioactive material for the purpose of electricity generation.

I solicit that everyone on earth to ensure terrorist never acquire a nuclear weapon because this is the most extreme threat to global security. We need to protect our world because when we are gone from this Planet, we will be leaving it in the hand of those who come after us, we want to leave them a planet that will become Comfortable for them to make the world a better place to live.

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