Sustainable Development: How to Protect Our Globe

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 As we all know that thousands of people are suffering from the devastating and shattering affects of climate change around the globe. It is not a matter of concern for only one or two countries rather the whole globe in one way or the other starting from the deserts of Arab to Islands and seas all the states are under the wave of climate change. Its not only the humans whose life is on stake rather all the other living organisms and their lives are jeopardized by the extreme change in weather. This change in weather is known as global warming which is affecting the economy and development of the world as well. In this paper we will study in detail that how this factor of global warming is hindering the sustainable development growth and by taking which steps can we control global warming which will ultimately help in advancing sustainable development growth in the world.

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What is Global Warming?

The general rise in temperature of the globe which is bringing a devastating change in the climate and weather across the globe is known as Global warming.

Global warming is not a concern only for human beings rather other living organisms are also suffering from the issue. Such as we know that certain plants cannot survive harsh weather conditions so be it cold or hot likewise certain animals also die due to global warming due to which it is considered as a very painful process of suffering. Throughout the late spring a long time for the northern half of the globe in 2018, networks from the Arctic Circle to Greece, Japan, Pakistan and the USA experienced destroying heat-waves and fierce blazes that brought about the passing’s of many individuals.

While we generally comprehend environmental change through the effects it will have on our regular world, the decimation it is causing and will keep on causing problems for humankind that will makes it a dire human rights issue. It will compound and amplify existing disparities. Also, its belongings will proceed to develop and compound after some time, making ruin for present and people in the future.

Causes of Global Warming:

a) Green House effect: A natural process which warms the surface of earth is known as greenhouse effect. When carbon dioxide, air pollutants and greenhouse gases stay in environment and absorb the solar radiations which are bounced back from the earth normally these type of radiations do not last into the atmosphere and escape somewhere into the space but these pollutants and greenhouse gases which are in the atmosphere hold them there for years due to which the heat remains trapped in them and the planet gets hotter causing global warming.

b) Black Carbon: Incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, wood and other fuels generate a climate pollutant known as black carbon. No combustion is termed to be complete in any case. If black carbon is not generated the carbon dioxide or other pollutants are given away in the space which are still less harmful than black carbon. Black carbon has a warming impact on the climate of globe which is 460-1500 times more acute than carbon dioxide per unit of mass.

c) Human Activities: Human activities are the most important and major cause of global warming. Today as the world has moved towards technology the outcome is devastating in the form of pollution. Even our means of commute or travelling from one place to another are consuming fuels and leaving behind pollutants in the atmosphere to cause global warming.

Relation between climate change and global warming:

It has become certain that mankind has caused a large portion of the only remaining century's warming by discharging heat-catching gases—regularly alluded to as ozone depleting substances—to control our cutting edge lives. We are doing this through consuming non-renewable energy sources, horticulture and land-use and different exercises that drive environmental change. Ozone harming substances are at the most elevated levels they have ever been in the course of the most recent 800,000 years. This depletion in ozone is allowing certain harmful rays to reach the planet earth causing extreme change in the climate and making the globe warmer which directly is global warming. So it is very simple and evident that as climate temperature is changing or rising global warming is increasing.

What is Sustainable Growth Development?

Sustainability is improvement that fulfills the requirements of the present without trading off the limit of people in the future, ensuring the harmony between financial development, care for the earth and social prosperity.

Feasible improvement is an idea that showed up without precedent for 1987 with the distribution of the Brundtland Report, cautioning of the negative ecological results of financial development and globalization, which attempted to discover potential answers for the issues brought about by industrialization and populace development.

Hurdles in sustainable growth due to global warming:

Global warming as we know is a social issue that is affecting the whole human society. As the global warming increasing it is leaving an impact on the social and economic development of the planet earth equally. Global warming and water has some serious connections. As global warming is being a serious threat to the world by creating water issues and water is something that helps in power generation. So loss of water means loss of electricity and downfall of industrialization. This all will affect the sustainable growth of the world.

a) Economic affects: 346 and 315 cases of natural disaster were recorded in the years 2015 and 2018 respectively by the international disaster database. The burden was not equally shared by the world rather Asia suffered 45% of the disaster cases leading it to be the most suffered continent on the globe. However, there was an estimate in the Attica fires in Greece that it killed almost 100 people due to which this was termed as the deadliest fire in the history of Europe. And in the United States, the California out of control fire season was the deadliest on record, with Camp Fire executing 88 individuals. Beside individuals influenced and lives lost, evaluated all out financial harms from atmosphere related fiascos are faltering. By and large, monetary misfortunes because of outrageous climate occasions rose by 100% from 2015 to 2018, 63.6 and 122 US$ billion individually. While tempests and floods appear to cause most financial misfortunes, yet dry seasons frequently dispense essentially more noteworthy misfortunes on national economies than different kinds of catastrophes, with certain cases causing harm equivalent to or more prominent than 0.5% of the GDP of the influenced nations. Financial harms are not homogeneous disperse over the globe: low and lower-center salary nations worried about an unbalanced concern.

b) Social Effects: It evaluates social effects and distributional outcomes of strategy activities, the more extensive social and open approach system, and the job of social on-screen characters and organization in well known investment and preparation. This methodology uncovers the negative social repercussions that can emerge from natural and atmosphere approaches, fortifying existing disparities and shameful acts. Moreover, the social issue play a pivotal role in the sustainable development of any state. For instance if their justice system is not well designed or have certain problems then this can be a major hurdle in the sustainable development.

Steps to Control Global Warming for enhancing Sustainable growth:

Global warming is the major cause of some serious issues in the planet such as rise in the sea levels, extinct species, deforestation and above all the devastating rise in temperature.

So there are very simple steps that we an take in our daily lives and make our earth a better place to live.

1) Less emission: The best possible way to practice it is using the car as less as you can. Rather than that one can practice using a bicycle instead or public transport as this will reduce the emission of smoke and certain pollutants.

2) Save Energy: just like rest of the things as we have discussed energy is a very pivotal factor in this case and we can save energy by using least electronic appliances and moving towards the natural resources of reducing the temperature.

3) 3 R’s of sustainability: one should use 3 R’s that mean reduce the consumption. Secondly reusing and third is recycling of materials.

4) Eating habits: by changing our every day eating habits we cannot only keep ourselves healthy but also keeps the environment clean which ultimately helps in reducing global warming.

5) Protecting our forests: first of all the general public and government should act together for protection of the forests and as we have mentioned earlier the natural way of cooling down the atmosphere is planting more and more trees. So for reducing global warming we the inhibitors of earth should plant as many trees as we can.

As we have studies in detail that sustainable development is not something that takes place in spur of a moment rather it takes time, patience and a lot of hard work. But the most important step that we need to take if we want to progress and enhance sustainable development is to protect our globe from climate change or global warming. Because, only a planet with sound environment can have a sound growth.  

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