Sustainable Evolution of Medical Tourism in India: Strategies and Challenges


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Medical tourism is a part of tourism industry which has big offers on the Indian economy. The Medical Industry is flourishing and it has huge potentials for generating employment opportunities for large amount of Foreign exchange likewise giving a spur to the India’s overall economic development in this competitive world India has to be sustaining its growth to make successful criteria in the medical tourism industry. The researcher focuses on the sustainable evolution of medical tourism and its strategies that have to follow and challenges that we have to face in our country.

Tourism and Hospitality management place a vital role of India for the gains it brings due its role as a commercial motion that hatches demand and growth for most of the industries. Tourism and Hospitality enrich to more economic activities that accomplish more hiring and credit. Especially tourism and hospitality management is an important part of India for the benefits. Medical tourism is where people who travel to overseas for experiencing better medication for general diseases, dental and surgical care. Forbearing people are also travelling to India because of the high standard of health care facility, access to care for better services. 

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Besides the defined cost advantages, the presence of well-trained Doctors, a mix of modern and indigenous systems of medicines and super specialty centers which boast of the best technologies available in the world are some of the factors in favour of India. The most promising medical tourism in India will get the best facilities available located in New Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Haryana, Kerala, Karnataka, West Bengal, and Maharashtra are the fast emerging as the leading states for the medical tourism.

The way of other countries like Thailand does. Selling bundle health care services internationally along with wellness solutions. Indian medical tourism as on a potential growth path, but resting on past recognition alone is unlikely to help. We need to maintain our ambitious margin by finding newer ways of improving outcomes, patients sanctuary, and cost optimization while assenting advanced medical technology. We need to ease visa norms persistent with the national need to sustain security against international terrorist organization.Then only we can hope to be the destination of distinction for International Medical tourism. This research study mainly concerns with the current matter of contention of medical field and make sustainable growth of Indian medical tourism industry.

The purpose of the research study is to ascertain the relative importance to make sustainable growth in the medical tourism industry. Imperishable management proceedings have become accepted and allocated illustration for tourism. Medical tourists to visit in India for medical procedure inaccessible at their home country due to high cost. Well-timed or local laws and customs are asked how important a set of sustainable management practices are in their experiences. The main purpose of the research is to ensure the sustainable evolution of the medical tourism as well as develop the Indian economy.

Medical value travel has established as a major segment in the medical tourism industry. For a country, like India with excellent hospitals, worldwide doctors, experienced paramedics, medical tourism has a great opportunity. The Indian medical tourism sector is expected to grow 30 % annually. Similarly, skimping medical cost and certifying medical proficiency have led to several medical destinations, like Singapore, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Mexico and Coasta Rica to emerge. With these locations India is ranked as the second largest in terms of accredited facilities. 

The Indian Medical tourism market conventional to breed from its current size of 3 Billion to 9 Billion by 2020. India at present accounts for encompassing 18% of the global medical tourism market. In 2017 India reside 4.95 lakhs medical visitors. India has 28 JCI authorized hospitals. Chennai, Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh, and the national capital region at the most savored medical tourism destination in India. Medical tourism has a great future. The government should give more platforms to this industry. Medical tourism: An opportunity for Sustainable development

Ministry of Tourism advocated the first rewording of its positions on medical tourism, which encloses a first shared progress to the recommendations indicated by the Indian Medical Association on “Age friendly” tourism. Indian Medical association emphasize on the importance of local and regional authorities in the coordination of cross sectional policies such as health care, social welfare services, transport, urban planning and rural development in relation to the promotions of mobility, securing, approachability of services including healthcare and social services.

Medical tourism offers of ground breaking tourists that aspires to meet the physical fitness needs of the entire travelling inhabitancies, with compressive cross sector techniques that involves various organization operating in sectors such as Medicare, penetrating and transports. Medical tourism identify priority implementation zones that extend opportunities to take advantage of uphold, novel occurrences that build up the compressibility to health and social services in regional, national and International contest. Indian Medical tourism and investment funds provide the development of tourism logically with the needs and resources of local and regional medical authorities.

The medical tourism industry endeavor high capability for India essentially because of its constitutional advantages in terms of cost and quality. However, the striving is getting heat up and the success in the future will largely be resolved by the augmentation and utilization of a joint strategy by various contestants in the industry. Medical tourism may be highly stimulated by travelers, hospitals, insurance companies, hotels etc considering the direct and indirect impact of medical tourism it can be concluded that with short term and long term strategies using the presides the potentiality tourism products of developing countries, which suffers from some evidence as respite, Limits in earning and current affairs, inflation and other complication most of their economic problems can be solved.

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