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Sustainable Geographical Indicator (GI) Law

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Geographical Indicator (GI) law all around the world is the result of the complicated of relationships between formal and informal among several types of stakeholders and actors between private and public, local and outside the territory that have formalize in a set of common rule. The main focus is on the geographical such as production system, standards, control schemes, as well as the use of the local resources and protection system against competition. All these are finalize to add values to the products originating from the specific geographical areas that have been produced by using human skill or culture habits and to preserve production system for the future generation. In others word, relationships among actors should preserve geographical indicator production systems from market pressure and to improve local development in rural areas under three different perspectives such as environment, social, and cultural.

Despite of the human and environmental contexts, the sustainability of geographical indicator system is the result of a compound set of the processes. The processes include the identification of the potential of the origin products and the involvement between actors, the common rules for managing of the production systems and the local resources and adoption of common strategies for marketing initiatives. Local producers and local populations might benefit from the characteristics of the local environment and cultural heritage without compromising the future of their own environmental systems and the future of the local residents and this should be enhanced the production phase. The effect of those actions on local resources that generate opportunity and increase the quality of life has direct outcomes on the local population.

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The creation and managing of geographical indicator and product requires a delicate equilibrium between the three pillars of the sustainable development and the motivations of the different stakeholders. Reaching this equilibrium is a very difficult tasks because the collective interest and the social welfare will be impacted by collective actions carried out according to the definition of the “quality rules”, the adoption of the common strategies for the specific issues of the local resource and marketing also networking activities with others social and economic networks.

In order to reach the objectives of the final creating geographical indicator, it is necessary to have the knowledge, vision, determination, time, and help from facilitators. Those can be public institutions, local, regional, and national institution.

In this perspective, all the aspects dealing with the creation, management, and development of sustainable GI law. It hopefully provides an “ideal” path that follow by GI stakeholders and a set of questions that will help them to know more, to managing and to develop their GI products in their own social environmental contexts.


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