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Sustainable Marketing And Consumerism Industry Analysis: Afripads Feminine Pads

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Company Overview

AFRIpads is a social business in Uganda who work for local community in Uganda and produced and supply world-wide cost effective, reusable sanitary pads. By producing sanitary pads they contributing to the development of a Uganda local industry that empowers its 90 % female staff with fruitful employments. AFRIpads also join their hands with many recipients’ partners by doing “buy-one-give-one” programs with sustainable business enterprises in Canada, Australia, and United States.

AFRIpads products quality is certified by Uganda national bureau of standards (UNBS) with standard United Stats 1782:2017 for reusable sanitary pads. AFRIpads is the foremost fabricating and chief marketable supplier across Africa for reusable sanity pads. Till this date they help over 2.3 million of women and girls across 30 countries with a sustainable solution for managing their periods. AFRIpads currently employs more local people in Uganda to make reusable sanitary pads and are in the process of constructing a new factory in rural Uganda that will create 500 new jobs.

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Company sustainable image

Sanitary pads disposal is a very big issue for nowadays. Women menstrual hygiene is play an important part on women health. Women are a core part of our society. To empower women in this world is quite difficult in this men ruling world. AFRIpads is company who work for women health, girl’s education, women empowerment, women employment and contribute to develop poor areas in Uganda.

Many organizations appreciate AFRIpads works for women and girls. They also contributing to go in sustainable way to produced and sale sustainable and reusable products. Some organizations write about AFRI: Forbes, Refinery 29, The Huffington.

Industry analysis

AFRIpads is fall in Health Care Industry. These is the one of the largest industries from 2018 it’s create 14.3 million jobs. Ten of the 20 rapidly growing occupations are is from this industry. And prediction is healthcare will create 3.2 million new wages from 2018 compare to any other industry, Healthcare industries is the one who show fast growth in elderly population.

External environmental scan

External environment scanning refers to ownership and use of information about occasions, patterns, and relationships within an organization internal and external. Which helps managers to decide their future strategies for business. Scanning must identify threats and opportunity coming in paths.

When competitiveness is comes the external scan is must. Because stakeholders are very important in business and relationship with them is important in every business customers are the most important factor.

Competitor information

In comparative world industries have to know who their competitors in business are and always be ready with critical thinking path and know competitive company products and ready to compete with their products. Stayfree is the big company who is compete with AFRIpads.


In this comparative world business industries are mostly thinking about profit, only Healthcare Industries are concern about community health and safety. AFRIpads is the company who really concerns about women health and their empowerment. For girls they are contributing in education sector. AFRIpads is also contributing and doing well in sustainable way of business and develop new ideas for business in innovative way. Take part in government programs to do something good for community.


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