Health Beliefs and Tradition of Swedish People: Poor Hygiene and Self Care Practice

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Table of Contents

  • Sweden Culture
  • Health Beliefs
  • Hygiene
  • Cuisine
  • Cultural Rituals
  • Nursing Care Plan Issues
  • Culturally Sensitive Nursing Care While Hospitillized
  • Conclusion

Sweden Culture

Of all the places in the world Sweden is the most caring of their environment. People of Sweden believe one of the top priorities is to recycle and if you don’t it’s frowned upon. This helps to keep the streets and bodies of water free from trash. Which if you visit there you will get to see firsthand. Don’t be upset if a Sweden people do not automatically start talking to you if you ask a question or say hi, they are very shy and timid people natured. When they do they say hej hur mar du (hello how are you), and if you were in pain you would say (smarta) (Google translator english-swedish).

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Health Beliefs

Swedish health care system is mainly government-funded and decentralized. Even though the private health care does exist the health care system in Sweden is financed primarily through taxes levied by county councils and municipalities. Beliefs about health and illness essential for self-care practice. The elder generating would rather do self-care than see a doctor to help or find what is wrong with them (

A comparison of migrant Yugoslavian and Swedish diabetic females in a multicultural society the frequency of contact with migrant diabetic individuals will increase, as well as the need for knowledge about their belief and about their health and illness among migrant Yugoslavian and Swedish diabetic subjects that might affect their self-reported self-care practices (Journal of Advanced Nursing (1999)).


Hospital in Sweden are failing to fallow national hygiene standards, with a majority of cleaning the toilets just once a day or less. Which the guide lines say that hospital toilets are to be cleaned twice a day at the least and the wards are to be cleaned once a day every day. It’s sad to say but only seven out of the fifty-two large hospitals follow the national guide lines for hygiene and cleanliness (


There is a handful of food that a favorite to the Sweden people. To start Swedish meat balls or kottbular. Which consist of beef or pork, milk, white bread crumbs, egg, salt, white pepper and ground all spice. Jason’s temptation is usually a Christmas dish that has potatoes, onions, spice-cured sprat filets, heavy whipping cream, salt, white pepper, bread crumbs. Raggmunk that has egg, wheat flour, milk, salt, potatoes, salt pork, raw stirred, lingberries. Kroppkakor the ingredients are medium sized potatoes, egg yolk, wheat flour, salt, onion, salt pork, cracked all spice. Gravlax which is a top favorite of Sweden, the fresh salmon filet with is the main ingredient is what makes the dish the other ingredients as follows, sugar, salt, chopped dill crushed white pepper. Gravlax sauces from what I hear is delicious which has salt, white pepper, Dijon mustard, sugar, red wine, oil and just a few other to list are Toast Shagen, Gubbrora, Cinnamon buns (

Cultural Rituals

Pask, or Easter is a holiday where they decorate in neon colored fathers everywhere. Children ring your door bell and boys and girls where witch costumes while asking for candy. Special Easter soda called puskmust. National Day of Sweden is to celebrate it in memory of the elect of the nation’s founding father Gustav Vasa on June sixth, 1523. Although the six of June was Svenska Flaffensdag. National Flag Day it only was early in 1983 than it became the national day of Sweden, in 2005 it was officially declared a public holiday. In recent years the celebrations of Sweden national day has become very popular. A few other to name are midsomar (midsummer), kraftskiva (crawl fish), Sweden Christmas. Christmas is one of the biggest holiday in Sweden. Christmas Eve is when you exchange of Christmas gifts ( holidays).

Nursing Care Plan Issues

From what I have gathered about Sweden’s care planes, nurses lack the knowledge regarding what a standardized care plane and how the documentation should come from evidence based knowledge. The recent findings in research where used to start standardized care plans to make a better care planning. Sweden did a study and with the finding to better the knowledge of that nurses so they would have specific scientific needs, tanning, and experience. Having a wrong diagnosis and the nurse not seeing other symptoms of them. Making sure that you double check the diagnoses against all the test that were done on client and to take a few moments to hear about the symptoms from them. Not having correct interventions or not carring out the right interventions. Evaluations not being done in a timely manner and going over the eight hours. Making sure the nurse goes to see the client and to do the evaluation of the client (

Culturally Sensitive Nursing Care While Hospitillized

Hospitals in Sweden have chaplains are available to support those of any faith traditions. They respect the theistic and nontheistic tradition and confirm multiple faith affiliations chaplains make rounds to participate in team and family meetings and take part in spiritual perspective to the patient particular situations and plane of cure ( Chaplin).


From what I have read and researched the Swedish are shy by nature. The people of Sweden would rather give self-care than go to a doctor. There is a high amount of diabetic of migrants and Swedish people in their population. In Sweden only 12 percent of the largest hospitals are applying the national guide line at their hospitals and the other 86 percent are very below the national guide line. Swedish food is delicious from what I hear and should be tried as soon as you can. The one holiday to see if you do go to Sweden is national Sweden day (Flag Day). Sweden is trying to get there nurses back up to speed on how to do nursing care planes. Also to carry out a nursing plane and to document anything they did, say or hear. The Swedish hospitals do a great job by having a Chaplin on board and rounding to see patients and their family members.

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