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Share Khan is one amongst the large retail brokerage homes in Republic of India with sturdy on-line mercantilism platform. the organization provides equity primarily based merchandise (research , equities, derivatives, depository ,margin funding etc) .it has one amongst the most important networks within the country with 704 share outlets in 280 cities and India’s premier on-line mercantilism portal with their analysis experience , client commitment and superior technology, they supply investors with finish to finish solutions in investments. They supply trade execution services through many channels like a web platform, phone phone and stores etc.

Morakhia family establish the share khan limited in 1999-2000 and Morakhia family, continues to stay the most important tinvestor. it’s retail broking arm of the Mumbai primarily based SSK (shantilal shewantilal kantilal iswarnath limited) cluster. SSKI was come in 1930. It is parent company of share khan ltd. With a gift of over eighty years within the stock markets, the SSKI cluster venture into institutional broking and company finance over a decade a gone. Presently SSKI is one amongst the leading players in institutional broking and company finance activities. Share khan supply its customers a large vary of equity connected services as well as trade execution on mad cow disease, NSE and derivatives.

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Depository services, on-line mercantilism, investment recommendation, commodities etc. Share khan ltd is non depository financial institution that is established on eighth Feb 2000 and currently it’s having all the rights of SSKI. The corporate was awarded the 2005 most preference shares broking whole by awwaz shopper vote. It’s first brokerage company to travel on-line. The company’s on-line mercantilism and investment website – was launched on Gregorian calendar month. 8,2000. This website provides access to superior content and group action facility to retail customers across the country. Renowned for its jargon –free, capitalist free language and top quality analysis, the content made and analysis directed portal has stood out among its contemporaries attributable to its steadfast dedication to providing client better of breed technology and superior market data.

Share khan has one amongst the simplest states of art internet portal providing elementary and applied mathematics data across equity, investment trust and IPOs. One will surf across 5500 firms for comprehensive data, detail concerning a lot ofthan1500 investment trust schemes and commercialism information. One also can access different market connected details comparable to board conferences, result announcements, FII group action, buying/selling by mutual funds and far a lot of Share khan ‘s management team is one amongst the strongest within the sector and has positioned share khan to require advantage of the growing shopper demand for monetary services merchandise in Republic of India through investment in analysis, pan Indian branch network and an impressive technology platform. Further, share khan’s lineage and relationship with SSKI cluster give it a singular position to know and leverage the expansion of the monetary services sector. we glance forward to providing strategic counsel to share khan’s management as they continue their enlargement for the good thing about all shareholders.

SSKI finance non-public restricted (SSKI) may be a leading India-based investment bank with sturdy analysis –driven focus. Their team members square measure wide revered for his or her commitment to group action and their specialization data in their areas of strength. The team has completed over US$5 billion price of deals within the last five years creating it among the foremost vital players raising equity within the Indian market. SSKI, a veteran equities solutions company has over eight decades of expertise within the Indian stock markets.

If we have a tendency to specific their language, presentation vogue, content or for that matter the net mercantilism facility, we’ll realize a standard thread; one that helps U.S.A. build well-read call and simplifies finance available. The common thread of management is what share khan’s all concerning.

“Share khan has forever believe collaborating with likeminded company into forming strategic association for mutual profit relationships” says jaldeep arora, director – share khan restricted Share khan conjointly concerning focus. Share khan doesn’t claim experience in too things. Share khan’s experience lies in stocks and that’s what he talks concerning authoritatively. Therefore once he says finance available shouldn’t be confused with mercantilism available or a portfolio primarily based strategy is healthier than looking on one horse, it’s one thing that’s spoken with years of centered learning and skill within the securities market. And these belief square measure mirrored in everything share khan will for us! Share khan may be a part of the SSKI cluster, AN Indian monetary service power house, with a powerful presence in retail equities establishment equities investment banking.

The organizational structure is divided in two category on the right hand side there is team of experts and cashier. In ort words we can trading department finance department of share khan is on right side and on the left hand side there is market department which do marketing and also give classes to those who want to open account in share khan. Share khan limited is divided in 4 to 5 department. Departments like trading department financing department marketing department mainly. Work is divided among these departments. For example in marketing department employees’ target is to selling their demat account , mutual fund polices etc after that if share khan customer have some enquiry or complaint regarding anything their complaint sorted out in the meeting room. Meeting room is for giving personal advice and sort out problems. Then there is department of online trading here in this department experts are sitted and do trading. Then there is a pathshala (class room) this class room is a strategy of share khan to increase their customer by providing knowledge about the market. This is very good strategy to increase customer in the market.

The main aim or mercantilism activities at share khan is that the consumer got to get enough steering to affix the company and also the method he can get the only service than the opposite broker. There’s a proposal for handling the mercantilism activities followed by 2executives and it is not restricted to them but the other people are having some responsibilities to increase the no. of client and retain them by providing them the services needed by them. There unit many services those unit designed specific the precise target segments of the purchasers unit lined and conjointly the merchandise unit positioned at intervals the minds of shoppers as a result of the most effective one in Republic of Asian nation. The services unit as given below: Share khan is India’s leading national network of stock broking retailers. It’s having the foremost necessary retail distribution chain in Republic of Asian nation. Share khan is not entirely a share broking firm, but it avails of varied services and completely different financial merchandise to its shoppers.

Offline mercantilism facility

Online mad cow sickness and NSE executions (through BOLT i.e. mad cow sickness on-line mercantilism and NEAT, i.e. national exchange machine-driven trading) Free access to investment recommendation from share khan’s analysis team. Depository services: demat and remat human action by-product mercantilism Internet based on-line mercantilism completely different investment product: mutual funds, RBI bonds, insurance etc.

Like blood is that the foremost very important suppose our body, finance is that the blood of any business. Finance is needed for all the activities like production or services conjointly as their distribution. The finance department directly influences all the functions of the other department. jointly finance should supply equal importance to all or any or any departments. Finance is that body area or set of body operate in a very company may need the counsel that to carry out its objective as satisfactorily as come-at-able. Share khan has special account department for separate calculation of pay –in and pay-out of funds keep with the client’s profit/loss. Finance management is completed at share khan is completed by managing the stocks at intervals the American state mat accounts and funds at intervals the margin accounts.

Finance is that the lifeblood of a corporation to continue its activities and conjointly the finance management at share khan is also divided into major 0.5 viz. DP (depository participation) and accounts management , that unit shown at intervals the figure given beyond.

DP suggests that providing the ability to the buyer for managing the stock bought/sold by them. DP covers a pair of major language viz. settlement and conjointly the auctions that will be a a district of managing demat account. Settlement is define by SEBI unit T+2 , presently and it implies that American state mat account of the buyer unit in danger of be adequate for commercialism a script with no debit the smallest amount bit, i.e. the account ought to have the sold-out amount of stock to satisfy the settlement once 2 days from trade-day. Generally, the temporal property is 9:30 and 3:00 as some extent in time for the buyer and he ought to offer the stock for giving a delivery to the client. The chart show the complete human actionbetween a pair of clients:

Human resource is that the crucial resources that a corporation can use to grow with the work of the employees. HRM activities at share khan begin from induction to the precise job work and Client one DP (share khan) E DP (any one) client 2

The chart shows that technique that the request for commercialism and buying passes through the DPs of the individual shoppers and eventually the exchange like SKSE becomes the dominant intermediator for the delivery of stock and this technique is completed in a pair of days.

SWOT Analysis


1. Big selection of innovative monetary products and services

2. Intensive analysis on all business sectors

3. Strong IT structure and experts

4. Have one amongst the most important networks of branches across country

5. Pan-India presence with over one,500 shops serving 950,000 customers across 450 cities.


1. It is only in urban area in other words rural area is not aware about share khan

2. Charge high brokerage

3. Trade tiger which is new app made for trading is not liked by the customers


1. If share khan provides there share market classes to rural area then there is opportunity to increase their customers

2. Earning Urban Youth

3. Educating folks concerning the advantages of investments to extend target market


1. Demanding Economic measures by Government and run batted in

2. Entry of foreign finance companies in Indian Market

3. Global news effect highly


Boston consultancy group is a matrix which is divided in 4 boxes that is star dog cow and question mark. We use this matrix to analysis the company’s good and services. We can get to know which goods and services provide good market share and which product is useless for the company. Company uses this BCG matrix to check which product company needs to be finance for the growth of the company. So I did BCG analysis in share khan.

Star product: in the bcg matrix star defines those product who gives high market share and high market growth so in the share khan demat account is the star product because of new trading platform of share khan gives a good response and attract most of investor to trade in the new online trading platform of share khan which is trade tiger and share khan also did work on improvement of their website because of this website share khan attract large customer and share khan demat account sales is also increased from this therefore demat account is in the star column other than this fundamental research, technical research portfolio management and online services.

Cow: in the bcg cow product and services which give high growth and low market share. In share khan equity and derivative and mutual fund. Share khan offer two types of mutual fund that s 5lakh and 25 lakh mutual fund scheme here share khan says that the company will give you at least 20% return per annum that’s why people wants to invest in it and therefore its market share is high.

Question mark: in this dial n trade and depository will come because this services provide market growth but market share is low because of competitor’s performance but dial n trade is easy for trading that why people used to take this service.

Dog : share khan dog product and services are share khan shop because in share khan shop price of goods and services is much higher than the competitors so people not having interest to buy products from share khan shop that’s why share khan shop is a dog product.

I did work in share khan I learned many things and I also get to know some weakness of share khan ltd if the company focus on that some weaknesses then it definitely increase their customers. One of the weakness I get to that their brokerage price firstly when I start doing trading I thought it is very less brokerage which we have to pay them before selling and buying the shares but after the analysis of the company I found that share khan brokerage is more than their competitors so this is one of his draw back or we can suggestion to share khan ltd to reduces their brokerage so that each and every customer will attract to buy and sell shares from their trading platform.

Now if I will talk about share khan services then there are some new things they had done with their trading accounts like trade tiger mobile application. This app is made for those peoples who want to do trading in mobile. This is very useful or good idea but problem is in the app there are some problem which people faces from this app like we have to enter renter the trading password that make users irritating and wasting of time when they place order but on the other hand share khan did this because of to maintain the security of users account. Overall some people are happy about the app UI and functionalities. The only thing which users are missing here in mutual fund management.

Share khan ltd is overall very good broker company they provide not only trading platform but also valuable advice for investors to invest in shares. I has taken personal experience then I did company analysis and my conclusion is given below:

Share khan newly launched their trading platform where they innovated their online trading website as a result trading become easy for their customers but here is one drawback which is brokerage share khan brokerage is high as compare to their competitors like zerodha icici direct angel investor etc. because of high charges share khan will lose their clients otherwise share khan encourages the people to invest money in equity market by providing free classes of share market. Share have to decrease their brokerage price so that it every one apply their demat account. Apart from the demat account mutual fund which is my topic of study I studied that mutual fund scheme which share khan provide is charged fees of 5000rs and then they give at least 20% return which very good return for investors. If we see past data of mutual fund scheme return share khan return is increased so mutual fund scheme is give good return to share khan ltd.

In last I would like to suggest you to invest in mutual fund it gives very high return and share khan experts give you a very good return because of their past experience


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