Symbolism in The Great Gatsby Novel by Scott Fitzgerald

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he disparity between rich and poor, and the American dream. There are numerous events that happened in the novel that are filtered through the consciousness of its narrator, Nick Carraway, born in Minnesota, a young Yale graduate, who is both parts of and separate from the world he describes. In the early 1920s, Nick moved to New York to study and pursue finance. Upon moving to a part of Long Island called West Egg, he rents a house next door to the mansion of an extraordinary millionaire, Jay Gatsby. Gatsby throws a grand party at his mansion every Saturday and all the great and the good of the young fashionable world come to marvel at his luxury- as well as sharing stories about their host who has more of a murky past. Gatsby is dissatisfied even with his high living and soon Nick figures out why. Long ago, Gatsby fell in love with Nick’s second cousin, a young woman named Daisy. She grew up as a popular girl and fortunately came from a very rich family. In fact, Gatsby and Daisy had a short history together. It was about five years ago that both were in love with each other, but Gatsby had to leave her behind to fight in the war. Despite them having dated for 5 years, she married Tom Buchanan instead of waiting for him, who also came from an extraordinarily wealthy family. Now the problem faced by Jay Gatsby was that at the moment he was virtually penniless and he understood that that was why Daisy abandoned him for Tom and did not wait. But now that Gatsby has obviously changed his life, moving from rags to riches, he thinks he has a much better chance of achieving his dream of being with Daisy. To show her how much he changed, Gatsby asks Nick to help him meet Daisy again. Finally, Nick agrees — arranging tea for Daisy at his house. The two ex-lovers meet, and their romance quickly rekindles. Tom Buchanan, who had his own clandestine relations with a woman named Myrtle Wilson, begins to suspect and threaten the two of them — also discovering something the reader had already begun to believe: that Gatsby's money was made by illegal gambling and bootlegging. This makes Daisy second guess the relationship entirely and she chooses to stay with Tom. When Gatsby and Daisy head back from New York, Daisy attacks and kills Tom’s mistress after an emotional confrontation. Gatsby thinks that without Daisy his future would be nothing, so he decides to take responsibility. As George Wilson discovers that his wife's death happened in Gatsby’s car, he comes to Gatsby’s house and shoots Gatsby and himself too. Before Nick decided to leave for New York, he arranged a funeral for his dear friend -- saddened by the fatal events and disgusted by the easy way, most people from the East lived their lives.

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Since reading the novel extensively, I can honestly say that although not the all-time favorite book I've ever read, The Great Gatsby was still an amazing book written by such a talented author. F. Scott Fitzgerald utilizes his phenomenal language skills to activate many of the reader's thoughts and emotions, such as hatred, inspiration, excitement, and admiration. His ability to create a storyline and characters with such characteristics is what stands out for him from others. We also have a more important sense for each character and context, which makes the reader think more critically and draw more attention to information. However, one key thing I didn't like about the story is the book's ending. In my opinion, a story should not have a bitter ending, as was the case in The Great Gatsby, because the readers will end the novel in a negative mood.

Even in today's day and age in modern society, the Great Gatsby is seen as a masterpiece. This is because the concepts and lessons learned through the narrative are still relevant in modern society today. Some of these major themes are honesty, love, ts of a connection made between the novel and today’s society. The fact that the book is nearly a century old clearly demonstrates how it is a classic book since the Great Gatsby can still relate to current issues.

My favorite scenes from the novel are both the part where Daisy and Gatsby first reconnect and also the part where Tom finds out about the two at the Plaza hotel. Both of these parts have been really exciting and exciting as they have been major turning points in the story. I became highly anxious to know what was going to happen to Daisy and Gatsby in both parts. By the end of the part, I felt a sense of relief as Daisy and Gatsby came over for tea because Daisy was delighted to meet Gatsby and starting to fall in love again. Also, things were just going from good to bad when everyone was in the Plaza hotel. This part of the book is where the entire story falls together, Tom figures out what's going on between Gatsby and Daisy, and it just turns into a fight between Tom and Gatsby to see how Daisy wants. The book takes off from this point on, the days start to fade, as do the characters. Love turns to hate and the main thing was that the life of Gatsby – a long dream, started to be far from successful.

The Great Gatsby is a literary masterpiece that was written and crafted intelligently. Nearly everything had a meaning for something, from the characters, the setting and the plot. The author wisely used an abundance of literary devices such as symbolism in The Great Gatsby and also irony, and imagery to give greater meaning and depth to the reading. Furthermore, other topics were depicted including the American dream, marriage, wealth and culture, the disparity between rich and poor, and integrity throughout the book.

The main inspiration Fitzgerald had for writing The Great Gatsby was his own experiences in life. In the book, he often presented many of those events and similarities. Fitzgerald put pieces of himself in two main characters, Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby. Nick graduated from an ivy league school and relocated to the east, and Gatsby, who loved Daisy but only understood that she was only seeking great wealth. These are some aspects of Fitzgerald's own life that are very similar. He had gone to war and returned to pursue his love, Zelda. But because she desired more money and comfort, she had ended things off. Zelda retreated back to him after he became rich and successful in writing his famous book, and both sunk into a lavish lifestyle full of parties and other extravagances.  

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