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William Golding's novel , Lord of the Flies, fundamentally symbolizes characters, objects and the setting to speak to our reality all in all. Golding utilizes those images to make the island like society and to demonstrate the distinction between living in an civil society and viciousness. The tale happens on an island during World War II, this is critical since the confinement shapes a kind of network related to our society, a kind of microcosm to this present reality and to human development.

Lord of the Flies’ island is like our general public from multiple points of view. There are sure items that connection the island and our general public. Right off the bat, William Golding depicts the conch as an image of power, order and authority. This is on the grounds that whoever holds it turns into the just one with the position to talk. That standard is legitimate when Ralph says,” And another thing. We can’t have everybody talking at once. We’ll have to have hands up like at school and then i’ll give him the conch” (Golding 31). This is a lot of like talking at a platform or talking through a microphone in public or even just lifting ones hands in school. The conch likewise speaks to the association found in a majority rule government. Since the conch was found, it has made order and laws and united the young men as a general public. Jack says,”We’ll have rules. Lots of rules! Then anyone who breaks em-“ (Golding 32). As the conch begins to lose it's capacity the group parts into two gatherings, similarly as the society would have if the legislature would never again have control. The rise and fall of the conch symbolized the rise and the fall of an arrangement of standards, guidelines and requests in a general public. It gave a parallel universe indicating how significant the standards and guidelines are to an effective society. In this manner the conch is an image of human progress hence making Lord of the Flies a smaller rendition of society.

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Another image of human progress are the glasses of Piggy. It symbolized learning, understanding, and knowledge itself. They speak to society's dependence upon innovation and the shortcoming of people. They were made to improve Piggy's life, and without them he can barely observe anything that goes on. When Jack grabs the glasses off Piggy’s face, Piggy says,” Mind out! Give em back! I can hardly see” (Golding 40). The glasses are representative to innovation which makes ones life increasingly helpful or improves their personal satisfaction. Without the glasses, the young men would not have had the option to light a fire since nobody else realized another approach. After questioning the rest of the tribe for matches, Jack points at Piggy and says,” His specs-use them as burning glasses” (Golding 40). The idea that the young boys would be vulnerable without the glasses symbolizes how defenseless individuals have moved toward becoming when they don't have innovation and technology to help them.

The clothing the boys wear is a representative of survival and conflict in todays civilization. In our general public today, the clothing somebody wears educates a great deal about them. Individuals are made a decision to be rich or poor, smart or not smart, or even sophisticated or untidy just by the apparel they have on. The boys land with clothing, yet step by step they all wear less and less. This is symblic of their ending up increasingly savage and less in contact with their proper human advancement. One who doesn't wear pants in our general public would be arrested, fined, and thought about as crazy. Another utilization of imagery in the clothing is that Jack and his “group” all dress the same and act the same makes them into a different “group” from the remainder of the boys. They do various things and have an alternate philosophy. The contention of a different gathering on the island in which Ralph attempts to sort out in the long run prompts the separation of the boys into totally separate groups. This is symbol of the various societies we have in our society today.

As Lord of the Flies is an allegorical tale, each character represents a crucial theme or person in society. For example, Piggy is the scientific and intellectual aspect of society. He is a thinker, a philosopher, a pundit, and someone who always advises 4 the good. Just like some of the great scientific thinkers, such as Albert Einstein, no one cared about what Piggy said or did. While Piggy was trying to elaborate himself, Ralph yelled,” You shut up” (Golding 46). Another character who is prevalent in today's world is Ralph. Ralph is related to the leaders who were constantly urging war not to break, yet could do nothing about it. He also represents a responsible young man and democracy. Ralph is related to political candidates today that are always leaning on the government and social order. Although when leaning on the government and social order, it quickly kicks him in the behind and proves that he cannot manage the savagery and viciousness on the island. The character that represents the police or military is Jack. Yet by the end of the story, Jack turns into an Adolf Hitler kind of character. For example, Jack yells,” I said grab them” (Golding 198). Jack has many of the same qualities as Hitler, such as his dictator qualities and being naive. Jack wanted nothing but power. Jack is the tracker, proctector and the fighter who is devoured by his very own dread and the more prominent power of his own ability for wickedness.

The fight for authority among Jack and Ralph is the moral story of our political candidates who consistently battle and fight for the purpose of intensity and power. The manner in which the boys are being persuaded by Jack,is the same way the candidates of our reality abuse the majority. Our society in which we live in is vegetaive like the island. However in their desire to get authority, the leaders of society dismantle the world. Simply like the young men who impair the entire island to just about nothing, without acknowledging they are obliterating their own methods for existance. When William Golding separates the boys into the litluns and the big’uns, it shows us the allegory classes in our world. The litluns represent the hoi polloi, which means the big’uns are an allegory of the powerful, rich, and upper classes.

Since the island is a microcosm, Golding utilizes it to mirror our reality and give remarks and his view on human instinct. So to achieve this imagery, Golding uses materials that have importance as references to thoughts, characters to symbolize significant individuals, the setting which provides the disputes on the island to demonstrate the parallels of this present reality. All of these symbols show what occurred in the novel, didn't only occur in the novel. The allegorical tale demonstrates Golding's thoughts that mankind is helplessly declining and is truly savage. 

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