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Symbolism in Cartoons: the Degradation of Society because of Technology

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The cartoon shows the evolution of communication and uses symbolisms. The symbolisms used in the cartoon are the things that the men are holding, what they look like and also the hill. The first man who is a caveman was holding a hammer and a nail and it looks like he is carving on a piece of rock and he has words on top of his head saying “first written words”, it means that in his age, words are first written on a rock or clay tablet and to be able to do it was to carve. Then, the second man, a worker, is making sheets of paper by using a machine which still needs human assistance to make it work and the words on top of his head say “movable type” meaning the movable type of letters. The third man, who is wearing a suit and hat, is holding a book and just like the first two men there are words on top of his head and it says “mass publication”, we can say that in his age, publication of books became really famous at that time. Also, by his looks, it looks like his wandering because through pages of the books and through reading, humans can explore different places and things. After the third man is a man wearing casual clothing and is holding a laptop.

The word “Email” is pointing at him and so we can say that in his age, technology became more high-tech and for the people to share information or communicate with others, they use electronic mails. Then the fifth and last man looks like a caveman who is holding a smartphone. The word on top of his head was “Twitter” and the man says that “140 characters what more is there to say?”, it shows that it is a lot easier to communicate with others because you can just type and click using a smartphone anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, however, why is that the man looks like a caveman if it is in the modern age? Maybe the cartoon wants to say that the technology and the way of communication of people develop and also the way of living of humans change. The man looks like a caveman because it is easier to communicate to other people, man will no longer socialize with others instead he or she will just stay inside of their house or anywhere they wanted and just use their phones to communicate. In connection with that, the hill signifies the way of living of people. Literally, it is harder to climb up than to go down a bridge or a hill so in the cartoon, it shows that when there was no technology yet, it is harder to live than the present wherein technology makes everything easy.

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On the other hand, the cartoon wanted to give a message to its viewers about the evolution of communication that from time to time, a way of communication really become a lot easier. Although as time goes by and technology develop, the way of living of humans is also affected. We could say that technology created a lot of advantages to human but it also created some disadvantages that humans are responsible with, like not being able to socialize in person with others, just like the last man in the cartoon wants to portray, and not able to use books as their passports to other places. Do I agree with the message that the cartoon wanted to show? Yes, I absolutely agree with it. Why? Because I experience it myself, not being able to socialize in person with others that is why I have a hard time trusting people I encounter every day and I can easily give my trust to a total stranger I just met on the internet.


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