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Syria: Culture, Location and Features

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Syria located in the western Asia is a Muslim country and officially known as Syrian Arab Republic. Islam is the major and most followed religion in Syria involving 90% of Muslim population. Islam in Syria: Before the advent of Islam is Syria, Syria pre-dominantly was a society of Christian faith. In 634-640, Syria was conquered by the Muslim Arabs by Rashidun Army which took its orders from Khalid- Ibn al-Walled. Umayyad dynasty partially brought the Islamic values as they were inclined towards establishing cultural renaissance of Arabic music and dance in Syria. It was the 8th century when Abbasid Caliph Al-Mahdi had a major role in the transition of Arab-Christians to Muslims. 9th century was a starting point of Islam in Syria as it envisaged convergence of churches into mosques. Abbasid’s regime introduced discriminatory legislations towards Christians. Arabic language became popular and Greek and Aramaic hardly survived to exist within Syria. 10th and 11th centuries played as an impetus of flourishing Islamic culture in the Syria as emergence of Islamic writers grew and they started to promote Islam. In 1516, the Ottoman Empire took over Syria and continued to rule till 1918. Ottoman regime was a stable time period for Syria.

Arab Spring and Civil war: Arab-spring and the protests to bring a pro-democratic system in Syria led to a civil war and rise of ISIS. ISIS believes in governing a state according to the Islamic notions which includes Sharia law and caliphate system. Sectarianism, Sunni fundamentalism and notions of “Anti-shiism” have been prevalent with the rise of ISIS. The conflict between ISIS and the government is also because that Bashar Al-Asad belongs to an Alawite sect in Islam which compromises of 12% in Syria. Bashar Al-Asad comes to power and has affiliations with the Ba’ath party. The Arab Socialist Ba’ath party is pan-Arabism and has nationalistic elements in it. The Ba’ath movement started in 1940s was specifically an Arab renaissance movement.

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Sectarianism: The Shia-Sunni divide in Syria today is highly responsible for enticing the humanitarian crisis. ISIS is not the only group these Sunnis have been joining but groups like Ahrar al Sham, The Islamic Front and Al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front are groups representing Sunni Extremism. ISIS declares its caliph, Abu bakr-Al Baghdadi. The dichotomy exists in Syria’s theoretical framework as well because constitutionally syria claims itself to be a secular state but in practice its government is neither democratic nor secular. Syria’s secularism is under a direct threat. In 2014, ISIS have taken control of large proportions within Iraq and Syria and declaring Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi as the caliphate.

Cultural heritage under threat: Syria has immense number of cultural possession such as the Umayyad mosque in the Damascus but a clear disregard is visible towards the Syrian culture and heritage in the aftermaths of the destruction caused by war. UNESCO is making sure to preserve the heritage of Syria including the pre-Islamic artifacts. This is a major cultural shift and a destruction of the culture itself as its not merely destruction of monuments, but destruction of civilization and architecture which is an important cultural instrument.

From a peaceful society Islamic society to a war-torned Syria. The government and the insurgent groups both yield to acts of violence and draconian policies. The consequences of war have made the citizens to take refuge in other countries and compromising the cultural, political and religious pride Syria once enjoyed. The Assad family is Alawite and Assad’s family’s rise to power made them give favours to their own tribe which includes allocating them positions in security services. The real question arises that is it a political struggle against Assad’s regime which exists since 1970s or ISIS is really setting up a model of governance in accordance with Islam.

The Civil war and rise of Islamic state have seriously affected nobody but civilians and specially minorities. More than 465,000 have been dead in the consequence of this deadly war. The Syrian Civil War with its roots in politics and religion has left a large number of Syrians uprooted compelled to discover asylum in different nations. From the day that President Bashar Al Assad has been dehumanizing his kin and about wrecking a very long time of culture and life, Syrians have been escaping the nation by the thousands every day because of the brutalities of Sunni fundamentalism and power hungry government. Continuous discussions and exchanges have been flying around general society about the circumstance, and undoubtedly the hazard that these individuals may have in specific nations. Outskirt assurance predominantly is the motivation behind why Syrians are currently confronting a tremendous deterrent attempting to get into Europe and locate a living condition that can at any rate treat them like normal people. Obviously, it is reasonable that when a nation, for instance, Jordan or Lebanon give displaced person camps, yet it terms of the measure of time and capital accessible living conditions are not going to be as welcome Nobody merits such treatment, and whether we as a whole stay here and talk for quite a long time and hours, nothing will complete, however rather we ought to ask pioneers to coordinate with one another and help reconstruct Syria by and by.


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