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The Syrian Refugee Crisis results from the Syrian Civil War. Citizens and permanent residents of the country have fled it over the course of the war. This contributed to the European migrant crisis.


The Syrian Civil War started in 2011. The dire conditions that resulted from it prompted many people to flee their country, but also created the need to forcefully displace millions of Syrians for their safety.


The human rights in Syria under the Ba’ath Party have been deemed very poor on an international level. The Arab Spring uprisings of 2010 and 2011 inspired major protests in the country. When the Syrian Army intervened in March of 2011, the government increased the violence, which escalated to major military operations. This is when the war began. In April alone, hundreds of people had already died in the war. Over half a million died in this war, causing many people to become refugees.


Over 13.5 million Syrians were displaced at the end of 2019, out of which 6.7 million left the country on their own. Over half of them now live in Turkey. Approximately 120,000 of these refugees are Palestinians with permanent residence in Syria after they found asylum there.

Key Quotes

And this is the worse part of it — when you realize that what separates you, someone who can leave, from someone who is trapped in Aleppo, or Homs or Douma or Darayya, is that you can walk away and go back to your home with electricity and sliced bread; then you begin to feel ashamed to be human.”- Janine Di Giovanni, The Morning They Came for Us: Dispatches from Syria
As politicians weigh courses of action against their political agendas the death toll weighs heavy on the conscience of the world. The once vibrant Syrian streets are now haunted by the souls of the innocent and the historic monuments that told of an unrivalled Arab civilization no longer stand tall.”- Aysha Taryam

Interesting Facts

The Syrian refugee crisis lasted for over a decade. Over half a million people died in the war. Most of the Syrian refugee found their new homes in Turkey.

Arguments for

Over 600,000 people were killed since the war started, including over 25,000 children. This level of violence makes the Syrian War the cause for the most needed humanitarian action in the world. People became refugees to avoid violence, because of the tremendously collapsed infrastructure, and for the wellbeing of children in distress and danger.

Arguments against

This is not so much as an argument against Syrian refugees, but Europe has certainly felt the pressure from displacing and creating homes for so many people in such a short period of time.

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