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I thank you for considering my request to study abroad during the winter semester of 2021. If selected, I will be a third year student in International Management. There are countless reasons that studying abroad will allow me to grow both professionally and personally. Choosing to study abroad will be the most enriching, fulfilling, and educationally stimulating experiences of my life so far, especially in the world we live in today. I will share my desire for studying abroad in this essay, adding an example of how exactly this experience will be beneficial for me. 

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Germany and Austria have always held a particular charm for me, but it wasn’t until more recently that these countries of dazzling dressage horses, rich history and captivating landscapes seemed to call more loudly from across the ocean. Growing up in the horse world,and training with a former canadian Olympic coach, I learned early on that Germany and Austria are focal points for elite dressage. Of course, top horses and riders can be found all over the world, but these countries really stand out with their ability to produce some of the best dressage horses and riders in the world, time and time again. After reading about legendary riders and hearing about famous destinations like the spanish riding school in Vienna and the sport-horse auctions at Verden, how could I not want to experience it for myself and gain the opportunity to learn from top trainers in the sport? For a few months now I have been learning German at Uottawa. By studying abroad, I will gain the opportunity to improve my German language skills. While studying a foreign language in class can be rewarding, applying it in a real world setting will be a different experience altogether. Studying in Austria or Germany will allow me to practice my skills on a regular basis, with that, I will be able to pick up language skills that I would not typically learn in a classroom setting.

What Will I Gain From Studying Abroad?

By doing a semester abroad I will broaden my worldview and understanding of European cultures. In turn, this will prepare me for my plans to complete my undergraduate degree in International Management and eventually pursue a masters degree in International Affairs. With this, I plan to eventually utilize my experience and passion to work for Global Affairs Canada or the United Nations. Doing a semester abroad will help me achieve these goals.

Furthermore, establishing friendships with those I meet abroad keeps the cultural experience alive well after I come home to Canada. Professional connections also give me access to career opportunities around the world. The opportunity to connect with international students, who will go on to work in various interesting and unique international industries, allows me to create a worldwide contact base. This comes with numerous advantages that can help me throughout my life and my career. Maintaining contacts with people from across the globe can be a great way to help achieve my long-term career goals and I will also get to experience a range of cultures and customs. Afterall, it's all about making connections beyond the borders of my own country.


The opportunities to interact with other international students will provide me with a chance to adapt to a new culture and gain life experience, along with new friends. This experience will overall allow me to grow both personally and professionally.I thank you for taking the time to consider my application. I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

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