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Taking Risks and Living Your Life with Yolo Mentality

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Throughout life everyone, no matter their age goes through tough times but our human mentality is to latch onto the negativity in our life. We all need to remember all the positive things, all the compliments we get from anybody in our life. We need to remember life isn’t all stress and anxiety. We need to love our life in any form we get it in. We need to do the things we’re scared to do. Why? Because so many of us die and no one remembers a thing we did. We need to remember to take our life and make it the best story in the world. To not waste the opportunity of the precious life that we have been gifted with.

Live your life how you want to. No matter who says what or who tries to bring you down never live your life any different to how you want too. Fight through the tough times and you will emerge a better person. Never trust your fears, they don’t know your strength. Take out your stress not by eating or drinking but by doing something to benefit you. Lend boys your ear not your heart. Be careful who you trust as not everyone is a kind nice person on the inside, Don’t hold onto your anger, holding onto your anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Die with memories not dreams. Never give up on things that make you smile.

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You’re only young once. Skip school for a day, go on an adventure, swim in the ocean, sing your favorite song so loud the cars passing can hear you, wear your favorite perfume everyday. Wear a shirt two days in a row, lay and look at the stars all night with your best friend, be spontaneous, text that boy first, watch movies and pig out all night, don’t worry about your weight, be with the people you love, stay in all weekend because you deserve time alone, travel to your favorite places, go on picnics, take pictures and most importantly do what makes you happy. You’re only a teenager once, and it would be such a shame it would be to regret all of the things you didn’t do when you had the chance.

Soon you graduate high school. Then soon after that you’ll leave for university. It’s about to all be over. You’re about to walk across the stage, get your diploma, shake some hands, and leave to the graduation parties.

But not long after that… the people that you grew up with, that became your best friends will no longer be just a quick 10 minutes away. Going to see them will become a road trip. One by one your friends will start to leave as they go to move in and start their next chapter. Your find friends map won’t just be a big cluster of faces anymore. You’ll have to zoom out to be able to see everyone.

There won’t be anymore late nights texting your friends to meet for an ice cream. No more sprinting to class cause your late. No more playing in those games. No more lunches spent with your best friends. No more uniforms and dress code. No more screaming at the top of your lungs every friday night. I know it’s cliche but its true… high school really does fly by. The days are long (sometimes really really long) but the days are so, so short. Enjoy all the lasts. The last day of school, the last test you have to take the last game you play the last sleepover with your best friends. Enjoy the little time you have at high school because soon it will be all over. Life is nothing but moments. That fight you had with your best friend is just a moment. The time you were up all night finishing a project is just a moment. The night you were watching the sunset with a boy is just a moment. The championship that you lost is just a moment. The road trip you spent with your friends singing to throwbacks is just a moment. Every up and down and everything in between is just a moment that passes with time. You may remember these moments and you may not, but what you will remember is the people you spend them with and the way you felt. The way she made you laugh, the way he made me cry, and the way they made you feel like you were on top of the world when you were nowhere but with your best friends.

All of these moments and feelings and people combine to make up a bigger moment that we call life. In all eternity, our life is just a moment. Appreciate the moment you’ve been given and appreciate the people you’ve been given to spend it with, because no matter how beautiful or tragic a moment is, it always ends. So hold on a little tighter, smile a little bigger, cry a little harder, laugh a little louder, forgive a little quicker, and love a whole lot deeper because these are the moments you will remember when your old and wishing you could rewind time. Not a single thing lasts forever, so you better damn well enjoy it before it’s gone.


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