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Target Marketing & Social Responsibility

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Target Marketing and Social Responsibility


I choose Nike, which is an enormous corporation providing clothing and sportswear based in the United States. Nike is a very well-known sportswear brand in all over the world. This company is a leading supplier of sports shoes and apparels, sponsors many famous athletes and celebrities in the world, with a recognizable slogan ‘Just do it’ and a ‘Swoosh’ logo2.

Examples of brand using targeted marketing/promotions:

Nike “Winner Stays”

This advertisement video targets young boys, soccer players, spectators and fans at any age who enjoys watching soccer. This is an effective example of targeting market because Nike were very successful of using well-known football players’ image to advertise for their new products which are national football team shirts and new range of boots: ‘Magista’ and ‘Mercurial’. In addition, they use emotionality, a storytelling Ad, and some unexpected moments to successfully display their advertisement to get audiences view opinions and overt the message “Risk everything” (Attya, 2015).

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Nike “Dream Crazy” [image: ]

This video focuses on targeting Gen Z and Millennial audiences, and disabilities who have a desire to become athletes. This is an effective ad although it was considered to be controversial in America because of Kaepernick’s image, who is an American football player. According to Ace Metrix (2018), “A look at Nike and Kaepernick trending on social media suggests consumers were outraged and ready to boycott.” People most coming from ages 36-49 show antipathy towards Colin Kaepernick (ACE METRIX, 2018). However, this is still an effective promotional campaign for Nike because they were good at using the images of the disabled and famous athletes, especially Serena Williams to overt the message “Dream crazy”.

Nike: What are girls made of?[image: ]

This promotion video targets woman and tweens. This is an effective ad because this campaign challenge stereotypes. The video opens with a young girl stands on stage and sing a Russian’s children song. “The song becomes about girls’ “strength”, “perseverance” and “freedom from other people’s opinions”, with impressive performances of female athletes surrounding the young singer.” as stated by Neuro-Insight (2017). While watching this video, girls are considered to become empowered by the female athletes. As a result, Nike is likely to build a more equal brand, overcome the gap between male and female in sports. Nike has done many ‘Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives’. For example, in 2016, Nike announced that they signed ‘White House Equal Pay Pledge’. Nike’s position is effective because they have invested employees to impulse their potential to drive the future of sport (NIKE, 2016).


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