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Tattoos And Piercings: Issues Of Body Modification And The Workplace

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Despite the fact that the tattoo it is a personal choice, in clinics the plastic surgeons and dermatologists has many people that are asking for tattoo removal. This can tell that it is a common problem that people regret their choice for many reasons, such like, hasty decision, bad designs and finishing, hurt the persons who get the tattoo. The reasons behind regretting tattoo could be vary, for example, some may print names as a tattoo then the reason behind getting that may change or their purpose has convert and transferred. Some jobs like army prohibit getting a tattoo, for those who get a tattoo for emotional, decorative and spiritual reasons, then after some time they may regret it, as a result of shift in their feeling and temporary believes.

On the other hand, one of the reasons that some may regret their tattoo, because they faced discrimination against them as a result of their appearance. Although getting a tattoo is more common now, yet there is an emphasis from society and in the work place to look moderate, therefore the dress code was found to avoid discrimination against appearance. There are many incident has been reported for such bias for instance, “A group of black employees at Gunite complained that the tattoo was a racist symbol and was offensive. A manager from Gunite found it to be offensive to him, as well, and claimed the tattoo could lead to a hostile working environment”. Such an example shows that some employers would relate tattoo to misbehavior, which will affect the tattooed people and could force them to get rid of it. In the journal of Sam Advanced Management there are many cases has shown the discrimination act from both employers and employees that could affect the hiring rules in direct and indirect ways.

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Another matter that could be a major trouble for tattoo consumers is the infections and blood diseases that contaminated equipment and ink may transmit it during the procedure, alongside skin infection and sensitivity that happened because of skin reaction and allergies. The artist and dermatologist must have a great skills to excel tattoo operation, as a matter of fact that the infection that may occur accompany with the procedure and its complications could be very dangerous and may lead to high risk and fatal result. The skin could have different reactions rather it happened immediately in the short term or happened as result of long-term reactions alongside that the tattooed skin colour may change over time. The tattoo operation include cutting the skin with sharp metal, which may lead to possible different type of infection, the journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery has discussed in details the following infections and diseases that may occur such like; bacterial infections like Tetanus, viral infections like Hepatitis B, C, HIV infection, Mycoses like Zygomycoses, skin disease Psoriasis and Morphea, allergies disorder and tumors.

Further, the permanent tattooed skin removal could be hard to clear or to change; moreover, it could cost a lot of money and time according to many factors and elements. The current way to remove tattoo is laser treatment, it is a procedure needs time to take an effect on the skin. Usually to remove a small tattoo takes multiple sessions and as an average minimum cost like 75$ per session. So in order to remove the tattoo completely, it needs multiple sessions that depend on many elements, the type of ink that been used and the patient immune system that could affect the needed time to heal and recover. Furthermore, the respond for laser treatment could vary, lighter skin react better in the matter of the ability to remove the ink from the skin than the darker skin.


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