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Many people typically require to be appreciated for their good work. It is, therefore, essential to appreciate and support other people’s great deeds. When you appreciate others, you make them feel special. As a result, they feel motivated; hence, their desire to do more good work is boosted. Appreciating other people, on the other hand, means showing gratitude, significance as well as recognizing the quality of their work or deeds. It is vital to appreciate since people tend to put more effort in their work. Similarly, the manner in which people perceive their area of work is closely associated with their personal value. Learning to appreciate is therefore vital since it helps us to live a better life and become good persons.

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To begin with, it is good to recognize the efforts of other people through appreciation. Those who understand the value of appreciations knows that even small things that we do to other people can translate to a great impact. A good example of such people is Sister Helen. In her book “All the Good Thinks”, Sister Helen Mrosla keeps on reminding Mark to be a good student. “I had to remind him again and again that talking without permission was not acceptable,” said Sister Helen (Mrosla, 1994 p.548). Mark’s behavior seems to anger the teacher who keeps on correcting and punishing him. The good thing about Mark is that he understands the relevance of appreciating her teacher. Every time his teacher corrects him, Mark responds politely to his teacher. There is one incident when Mark is quoted saying “Thank you for correcting me, Sister” when the teacher removed the tape on his mouth and shrugged his shoulders (Mrosla, 1994 p.549).

Additionally, learning to appreciate is a good way of motivating another person. When appreciating someone, try to be specific since it helps the person to understand his or her area of excellence. But, in most cases, a moment of public appreciation typically goes a long way in making some people feel that their effort has been rewarded (Hummel& San, 2017). Mark’s mother also understands the importance of appreciating other people. After her husband opened the billfold, she responds back by saying “Thank you so much for doing that,” (Mrosla, 1994 p.549). These are polite words to express her gratitude to Sister Helen who taught Mark to be a good student.

The art of learning to appreciate has created a good relationship between Mark and her teacher. In this regard, the teacher feels that her efforts to teach Mark to become a good student have been rewarded. This is evident when Sister Helen starts teaching in junior high math. Here, she learns that Mark has improved on his listening skills. For instance, the teacher discovers that he is more careful to her instructions in the junior-high math than was the case in the new math. For instance, during the end of the lesson, Mark thanked his teacher by saying, “Thank you for teaching me, Sister, Have a good Weekend” (Mrosla, 1994 p.549). This is an indication that Mark appreciated the role Sister Helen played in his academic life.

Another benefit of appreciation is that it helps someone to change. The desire to change comes about since we are constantly reminded it is not doing good enough. Initially, Sister Helen seems not to be happy with Marks behavior in class. She, therefore, put the effort in pushing her as a way of helping him change his bad behaviors. Eventually, Mark changes his behavior especially in the junior high, thus becoming Sister Helen’s favorite student. Helen is quoted saying, “He was more handsome than ever and polite. Since he had to listen carefully to my instructions in the new math” (Mrosla, 1994 p.549). This is a good indication that Helen’s constant interventions on Mark’s behavior had started bearing fruits.

In conclusion, learning to appreciate is a good way of creating good relationships with other people. It also helps to make other people feel that their efforts have been rewarded. Consequently, the art of learning to appreciate other people is vital in helping them to undergo change and become better in whatever activities they undertake.

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