Why Teachers Deserve Higher Pay

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Why Teachers Should Be Paid More

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Teachers considered as a national hero of our generation today have an important role in our lives. So, let’s explore: Why teachers should be paid more nowadays? Education and learning are legacies passed from one generation to the next, and teachers are the key people in shaping and molding every generation. Occasionally, teachers have been responsible in producing professionals such as doctors, engineers, and politicians and they have been renowned to be the root of all professionals. If a doctor can cure the sick and if an engineer can build and construct an infrastructure, teachers are the ones who produce professionals like them. Teachers are one of the most influential and powerful forces for equity, access, and quality in education and key to sustainable global development (UNESCO, 2019). However, it is an absurd reality that the following sentence from UNESCO’s site states their training, recruitment, retention, status and working conditions remain preoccupying. Teachers should be paid more and deserve to be treated well and fair. If the Philippine Government can increase the salary of other professionals, why can’t they increase the salary of the teachers who’s also one of the most respected professionals in our society? The lack of action of the government in this issue becomes a result of loss of dedication and passion to teach their valuable students, as a consequence, the quality of our education becomes low. On behalf of our public school teachers, there should be a high salary for them and that’s why I write this why teachers should get paid more persuasive essay.

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Public school teachers in our country have been suffering from the chronically overworked state with underpayment. The workload they have are not only limited in teaching but also in nonteaching tasks. Earning a minimum wage or lower than on what they expect is a huge challenge for them as professionals working in a public institution. It is not enough to All of their effort, dedication and hard work to teach a student seems not enough to our government to increase their salary. Teachers should be paid more, – that’s the evident fact!

A full-time teacher is actually don’t end his/her jobs at the same time as our classes end. They allotted extra time to those students who needs help and assistance that will stay longer at their institutions. After spending 6-8 hours inside the school, teachers have to bring home their work and continue what they have started. From lesson plans, creating exams, to checking test papers and many more. While most of us enjoying our weekends bonding with friends or family, teachers can be doing extra jobs such as accepting tutors or selling products online just to have an extra income from having a low salary from their teaching job and as a consequence, it affects their quality of teaching. Philippine government must take action on this one. According to Mr. Lapus, preceding secretary of Department of Education (DepEd), ‘there is nothing in the law which limits the hours of work of teachers to only 6 hours’ in his letter requesting the Commission to reexamine the two (2) CSC Resolution No. 91-1019. A public teacher usually extends his/her working hours to fulfill his/her duty regardless of the salary.

Teachers are responsible for teaching us on how to read, write, think and other essential life skills you needed for everyday life. Our presidents from past up to present are considered as one of the best leaders that we’ve had. Just like them they spent years studying from nursery to grade school, to high school, to college and possibly until to graduate school. Teachers taught them on how to be a great leader, instill to them all the aspects, characteristics and learnings to be able to build a society. Some of us may not realize how important these hardworking teachers are, but having a salary increase may improve the way and the quality of their teaching and it may motivate them to do their job, that’s why should teachers get paid more. As Dr. Johnson states that, teachers of all kinds and at all levels impart knowledge and ability to their students. The result of teaching is that the student is better able to be a valuable and productive citizen. Teachers are the one who mold a student he/she wanted to be. They gave us the knowledge and information we need for us to be able to apply in our chosen career we go through. Teaching is the greatest profession of all, a great leader; a successful businessman; a brave soldier or even a normal citizen they all went through the care and supervision of a teacher.

We cannot judge the whole teacher’s community just because we heard one says their grievances, but there’s some truth about it. They are not complaining because they hate their job. They pursue their dream as educators because they want it, they loved what they are doing without any compromise to their lives or even to their families. Increasing their salary would be the best option of our government to improve our educational system. And by this, the teachers will do better in their jobs and producing better students. They want to share knowledge and learning to everyone as they want to enrich their own. It will be less fatigue for them if they can have the right compensation and benefits and it can be a positive way to continue on what they are doing. The Constitution directs the State to ‘ensure that teaching will attract and retain its rightful share of the best available talents through adequate remuneration and other means of job satisfaction and fulfillment’ (Llego, 2019). For example, a public school teacher in the Philippines receives a salary amounting to 19,566 per month, if it will increase to the amount they want and according to their position it will encourage them to continue their passion. Teachers are giving their all, the very best that they can, so they deserve to be paid well. Blood, sweat and tears are their foundation to teach a single student to learn.

However, Increasing the salary could lower the teacher quality. It may reduce the probability of turnover of a teacher because fewer of them will quit their job. Higher pay increases the number of new applicants because it is more attractive. Logically speaking, if a teacher receives a high pay, it may lose his/her interest to do better on his/her job. He/she can be lazy knowing that he has a high salary every cutoff. A teacher that is teaching in a public school handling a more than 50 students per class, sometimes it could challenge the temper of a teacher. Most of them tell us students that, “whether you listen or not, I am being paid”. According to Richwine, even without the tenure obstacle, putting the best teachers in the classroom requires more than raising teacher pay. In fact, just that could drive down teacher quality ‘. In conclusion increasing the salary is not the answer to public school teachers’ grievances, it should be the benefits that will not affect the income they are getting.

Our country has a lot to offer when it comes in public services like teaching. For every single public school teacher, he/she is handling a lot of students per day. Other than that, they are very flexible even though they already finished the 6-8 required working hours per day, it was being continued to their home in preparation for tomorrow’s class. Public school teachers in our country are experiencing mistreatment and being underpaid by the government. In any other profession, teachers are one of those who has a big contribution in public services but still belonged to the minimum wage earner. The income that they are earning are not enough to save money, support and enjoy their life. For a public school teacher, I would say that money is not an issue. It became big deal where the effort and the hard work they put just to serve our country are not enough. A teacher’s ability is not measured by the money they get, but this money is their foundation and major instrument to pursue and provide a good service for the betterment of all the learners around the country.

Education is something that anyone cannot take away from you, but also the right and dignity of our educators. It is a great feeling for a teacher to see his/her student becomes successful on the career chosen, however it is the saddest feeling knowing that the people who make us a better individual, who taught us what is right and wrong, who shows us the reality and the people who has been with us throughout our life struggling to have a better life. It’s easy for us to hate a teacher when he/she’s giving us activities, or a surprise quizzes or even a difficult exam. But it’s not easy for them, waking up early in the morning, preparing themselves for the class, skipping breakfast making sure not to be late and many more just to get a little amount from the government that cannot even support a small family. Our teacher is more than anything else, we and our government should have support them as they supported us and our country to be a better nation. An increase is just a little support compared to the big contribution of them.

Teachers are not just a teacher, they are the heart and brain of our wisdom. The teachers’ ability is not measured by the money they get – being a teacher is a calling! But their salary will motivate them to provide a much better service, so that’s why they should get worthy support from the government, and teachers should be paid more.

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