Team Dynamics for Organizational Success

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Table of Contents

  • Team Dynamics
  • Introduction
  • Knowing the Team
  • Defining Roles and Responsibilities
  • Focusing on Communication
  • Conclusion

Team Dynamics


Team dynamics are critical for organizational success. Without positive team dynamics, the business can’t fully leverage the potential of employees and tap into their skills and experience. (Kurt Lewin 1940), a social psychologist and change management expert, who is credited with joining the term "group dynamics" in the early 1940s. He noted that people often take on distinct roles and behaviours when they work in a group. "Group dynamics" describes the effects of these roles and behaviours on other group members, and on the group as a whole. According to (Kurt Lewin 1940), to avoid problems in the venture the following strategies were suggested where it illustrates how to improve group dynamics.

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Knowing the Team

The way that people behave in teams varies. Some people are helpful and supportive, others are more concerned with getting the work done, and still others can cause friction, disharmony or discord within the team so it is important to get to know the team to identify how they would work together. If a member of the team has adopted a behaviour that's affecting the group unhelpfully, acting quickly to challenge it would be a good plan and by Providing feedback that shows the team member the impact of their actions, and encourage them to reflect on how they can change their behaviour.

Defining Roles and Responsibilities

Defining the importance of roles and responsibilities in organizations explained by (Martin, 2016) that this improves the collaboration between and amongst members and teams within any organization. While also (Myers, 2013) suggest that one of the most frustrating things for an employee is not knowing the task of everyone else around them. Due to the complexity of the modern organizations considering each member’s role and responsibility is clearly defined, the increase in higher chances of collaborating and sharing of work is more successful. A study by (Tamara Erikson, 2012) was summarized on team dynamics. In her research, she found that in cases where employees’ roles were clearly defined there was better successful collaboration in teams.

Focusing on Communication

Open communication is central to good team dynamics, so make sure that everyone is communicating clearly. Including all of the forms of communication that the group uses – emails, meetings, and shared documents to avoid any ambiguity.


Benne and Sheats' role definitions are useful for looking at specific behaviours that occur within a group. By using the definitions given and evaluating the current function and needs of the group, In order to have a better collaboration in teams it is essential to clearly define goals as suggested by (Tamara Erikson, 2012). Having positive team dynamics helps the business tap in the skills of their employees, which helps in their journey of their project as a team.

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