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Remote access software allows you to work directly with computer setups without the need to be physically present. This is intensely useful for business and personal use, and even more powerful for freelancers who want to provide client support over the internet. Two or more users who install and run TeamViewer on their local devices can then access or control remote setups through the user-friendly interface and share files, screens, or collaborate through a whole host of messaging and chat options. Here’s a quick rundown of the ways in which TeamViewer can help you be more efficient and provide your clients with powerful support from a whole host of Mac, Linux, or Windows mobile and computer devices.

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How to start your session

The first screen you’ll see once you’ve double-clicked the TeamViewer icon is shown below. ‘Your ID’ on the left is the unique nine-digit number for your device that you’ll need to share with a remote user if you want them to access your desktop setup. They’ll also need the password below this, as a security measure. On the right is the panel that you’ll be using if you, instead, are going to control someone else’s setup remotely. The two options are pretty self-explanatory; as you can see, it’s easy to select either remote control or file transfer depending on what you plan to achieve during your session.

Features, benefits, and use cases

Chances are, you’ve already had some experience with TeamViewer already. This is because Team Viewer is probably one of the most popular and well-reputed remote access software options on the market, and has been around for 13-14 years.

If you’ve had more than a little experience with the software, you’ll know that it can be an exceptionally handy remote control too. For personal use, it’s a pretty smooth way to help explain something to a friend or family member. If you’re a freelancer, solopreneur or design your own programs, TeamViewer is an extremely easy-to-use means of demonstrating the functionality of something you’ve designed.

There are three membership types for TeamViewer: Business, which gives you a single-user license, basic device management, meetings and presentations, PC to PC and Mobile to PC access for £31.90 monthly, amongst other things. Premium, and Corporate monthly memberships, priced at £59.90 and £119.90 respectively, will each give you increasingly more functionality than the Business package.

Using TeamViewer for Remote Desktop Setups

TeamViewer is absolutely packed with features so that it’s much easier for you, the user, to accomplish much more than simply access your workspace or a client’s device.

File transfer

As the screenshot below shows, file-sharing is nothing if not intuitive. The ability to quickly and reliably transfer files from the device you’re working or access remote files from, say, your home or work computer, cuts out all the stress of having forgotten important information somewhere else.


Chat, or messaging, within the app is extremely simple. As we noted, one of TeamViewer’s main strong points is that becoming familiar with the software takes very, very little time. Most of it is intuitive, like the fact that the chat feature in the blue box above enables you to communicate in one place without having to move or toggle between different programs.


As the screenshot above shows, collaborating with other users is made a little easier through the video call function. The chat and video options on the far right-hand side make it simpler to explain things to other team members, to whomever you’re providing assistance to or getting help from, or to give live feedback.


If you’re going to use your TeamViewer screen-sharing session to demonstrate something visual like a walkthrough of software or a website, you’ll probably want to have the screen free for the best effect. As the yellow box below shows, you have the option to make calls using VOIP or directly to phones.

VPN alternative

Once again, TeamViewer is all about centralizing all the things you’ll need in one place. As a cross-platform VPN alternative (think Mac to PC, etc.), it allows you to connect to devices that are behind firewalls and has no limit on file size if you want to share at up to 200MB per second. Obviously, it’s much more efficient to configure and cheaper to run than an actual VPN.


This feature’s pretty much the first feature of TeamViewer that you’ll come across, and now it’s available for both iPhones and iPads. So you can provide or receive immediate support on the go. This feature’s exceptionally handy for freelancers who need to help clients with software fixes.

Mobile screen-sharing

This ability to receive or provide support on the go also comes with file-sharing capabilities, as well as the power to control remotely those devices without the need for someone to be on the other end. As shown below, the interface for the mobile app is, once again, incredibly user-friendly. So, accessing servers is hassle-free.

Cross-platform access

Downloading the iOs, Android, or Windows 10 TeamViewer Remote Control app also makes it possible for you to provide support or assistance instantly. So, you’ll be able to help coworkers or customers from your mobile, wherever you are. It also allows you to take full advantage of all TeamViewer’s powerful flexibility and connect mobile to mobile or mobile to PC in addition to the vanilla PC to PC.

Secure remote access

As the official website states, remote access protects both users’ data using a 2048bit RSA key exchange and 256bit AES session encoding. In simpler terms, all your sessions are encoded, and no intermediate servers are able to access any meaningful information whatsoever.

Remote device control

Save time and solve problems more quickly if you’re dealing with clients who need something fixed. This is the best-known feature and the one that allows you to access their setup without having to spend time or money on travel. Basically, it helps you provide support to others without having to physically be there. As shown below, locking screens is an easily-selected option for added security at the other end.

Remote printing

Remote printing’s super-useful for those times when you might need to create a hard copy of something that you’ve forgotten to store on a flash drive or similar. If you’ve only saved a digital copy of whatever information you need on the remote device you’re accessing, TeamViewer will both detect your local printers automatically and allow you to print them wherever you are.


When you’re more confident with TeamViewer and start using multiple sessions or remote screens, you’ll find the shortcuts feature is a handy way to do this. This enables you to access those core functions of TeamViewer such as the Control Panel and Task Manager in a more time-efficient way.

4K remote desktop access

The high-quality visuals are probably one of the best, yet less frequently mentioned aspects of TeamViewer. Concisely, this means you’ll be working with a higher pixel density than an HD TV- 3,840 x 2,160 pixels to be exact. So no need to compromise on either remote meetings or remote control with this feature.

Using TeamViewer for enterprises

Create groups

Channel groups are very much like team chats that you can add users to so that they can collaborate much more efficiently and effectively on projects. Adding someone to all the channels they’ll be required to access also means you can quickly find the staff members you’ll need help from, delegate tasks, and keep each other updated without walking between offices or sending emails.


Keep on top of your team’s activities and consolidate things like billing, session logs, connections, and contacts all in one place. Clients can leave feedback or comments on sessions as shown above to help you deliver more effective solutions and/or engage your customers.

Integration with hardware and software

Not only is TeamViewer compatible with Mac, Linux, and Android, but it’s API is compatible with a whole wide range of existing systems you may already be using in your workplace. CRMs, for example, or ticketing systems that your company might already use work smoothly with TeamViewer and also allow you to customize your centralized interface when and where you see fit.

Service Queue

The service queue feature is an incredibly effective way to help you maximize your efficiency- the jobs that you’ve prioritized come immediately to the top, as the screenshot shows. By assigning special codes to each job, you’re able to connect instantly to the relevant remote computer without swapping passwords each and every time you need access.

User and device configuration

With TeamViewer Corporate you can grant or restrict access to the devices and users that you’ll be working with. If you’re responsible for ensuring compliance among your team members, you can enable session recording easily as shown below, which keeps track of all the sessions that your teams get involved in.

Our verdict on TeamViewer’s key benefits

Whether you’re a serious or sporadic user of TeamViewer, the three things you can’t fail to appreciate are the fact that it’s:

  1. Reliable- it’s been an established, powerful and easy-to-use remote access too with a respected reputation for a while now. Support is easy to find and understand;
  2. Easy to use- throughout this whole guide, we’ve introduced and covered different features that are all united by the fact that they’re exceptionally intuitive, cutting down your learning curve and letting you get on with your work much faster;
  3. Secured using end-to-end encryption and public/private keys. We rate TeamViewer pretty high compared to a lot of the other remote access software options. Given that there’s a free version available and it’s so cross-platform compatible, there’s zero harm in trying it out. If you’re a small business or freelancer, it’s especially helpful for providing the extra support that can keep your clients coming back to you again and again.

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