Teamwork and Leadership: Important Aspects

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A team is a number of persons associated in some joint way, these individuals are all united by a common end goal, are all responsible for the success or failure of whatever it is they aim to complete and have objectives in place to ensure they all co-operate to make this happen. It is often the case that the most high performing teams follow these listed aims the closest.

Working as a team is important, firstly the use of a combination of skills, experiences and judgements. Having more than just your own personal experiences provides you with a more diverse solution to solving problems and also provides different solutions instead of tunnel vision. Teamwork can also be good for personal relations as it helps build networks and relationships in the workplace leading to a more enjoyable experience in office, with improved stronger working relationships creating more synergy in the team. Teamwork and leadership also provides greater incentive to strive for success, this creates healthy competition in a sense as you seek to be better than your team mate.

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The most important factor is effective communication, this is important to ensure aligned goals and that we are all following the set plan. This involves consulting with the team every interval the team plans moving forward. Communication involves listening so at intervals there is a open environment for discussion for any individuals either confused with plans or those who have different ideas, this shows team members their opinion is valued and builds trust within the side. I have learnt that communication comes in three forms. For this reason I offer encouragement to get the best out of team members but as captain ensure my body language remains positive so the team remains inspired.

The second most important factor for a successful team is delegation of roles. This enables the team to understand where strengths and weaknesses lie and their existing role within the side. This takes pressure off me as captain but also keeps squad members satisfied as it allows them to self-reflect after the game and gain instant self-feedback on where they went wrong. It also provides individuals with added responsibility and clarity every week of what’s needed.

The third most important factor for a successful team is inclusion. Often the case that we have differing personalities in the side, ranging from dominant personalities and quiet personalities this often led to the team not working as effectively as we could have.

In intervals some individuals would not be able to provide their opinion on the current situation and this affected them as they felt left out, learning this we now have an inclusion policy where every team member is asked in the interval if they are happy and have any suggestions. This inclusion factor leads to a more engaged and satisfied team that feel valued leading to more effective results. 

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