Teamwork and Leadership with Family Spirit

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I believe that designing a compatible team work with shared vision, goals, and values is the best way to achieve remarkable innovative solutions. That improves and maintains stable developmental strategies for our scientific center activities. This is my philosophy inteamwork and leadership “with family spirit as well as shared vision and values keep us to act on the right way”.

For example, our scientific center is established to highly specialized units of drug research & delivery. Our center mainly cooperates with pharmaceutical and biomaterial industries as research & development partner especially in the field of cancer, fertility, oral, cardiac and thrombosis therapies.

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During one of our regular meetings, I invited the team to think outside the box and to come up with new ideas to improve our values at the personnel and industrial level. I was glad listening to the prosed ideas and appreciated them all, till one fascinating idea was raised in the discussion. It was “why we didn’t have expanded our developmental plan to include social responsibility objectives?!” So, we agreed to make a brainstorming for how we can implement this idea into our action plan One week later, we reached an agreement to organize free different training scientific workshops for under-graduate students from the Egyptian universities in summer holiday when university students may have more free time and are enthusiastic to attend workshops. I got the approval for the designed workshops plan from the directors and immediately started sending formal invitations and letters to different Egyptian universities as well as media campaigns for students’ awareness through social media channels. Now, we celebrate our 2nd year of success to attract students to our summer workshops. We are pleased for the decision we had made, as nearly 500 participants are still in contact with high motivation to learn more. They are kept updated as they are happy with the scientific experience, they had with us and how that influences their decision for studying and future career.

That inspired me to set unique totally free workshops series for fresh graduates who are interested in the field of research as a career to cover all the preclinical research stages. I had 76 graduates this summer and that influence and enable them to take the challenge for their future insight.

To conclude, I have faith in that my leadership skills can inspire people around me as well as positively influence my work environment for continuous progress and development. I believe that a good leader can make other leader from the team by supporting their innovative ideas and publishing the team work, showing recognition and saying from heart “thank you for your efforts”, walking away from the office desk to find the potential member who can creatively accomplish project objectives within the assigned timeline in a mutual trustful atmosphere. 

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