Teamwork Culture at Coca-Cola Company

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Teamwork Culture At Coca-Cola Company

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It would be a great opportunity to work for Coca-Cola Company because of the organization culture that the company embraces. Coca-Cola Company has a culture of all the stakeholders contributing to the growth and development of the organization; thus, providing the employees with a chance to grow their skills and talents. Coca-Cola Company is known to engage its partners in long-term agreements that provide significant contribution towards the transformation of the decision-making process (Baah, Sandra, &Bohaker, 2015). It would be a great opportunity to work for the company as its daily operations are controlled by the stakeholders such as the suppliers, employees, and the competitors, who work towards achieving the set objectives of the organization.

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The mission of Coca-Cola Company is to rejuvenate the planet in mind, body, and spirit, as well as stirring instances of cheerfulness through the corporation’s products and measures that generate value and paves way for diversity. With the set mission, the corporation has a set of objectives even as it works with its partners to achieve its objective, which is to increase productivity. Present in every corner of the world, Coca-Cola Company has a strategy of increasing its shareowner worth over time by operating with its trade associates to convey fulfillment and value to its customers. Its global system of better-quality brands and services has continued to increase the company’s brand equity on a global basis (Baah, Sandra, &Bohaker, 2015).

Coca-Cola Company manufactures over beverage 500 brands that are majorly concentrates and syrups, selling in more than 200 countries. The business model of Coca-Cola encompasses the production, marketing, sales, and the distribution of the manufactured beverages. The company has also embraced the disconnected worldwide separation configuration as its intercontinental employees work separately and in seclusion from the head office. In all the countries where the company operates, there are various divisions that are headed by presidents that take control of the divisions. Being a very large company, there are 5 continental divisions with vice presidents to control the sub-divisions in each region (Gupta, 2011).

Survey Instrument

  1. What are the objectives that the company has set for the employees working in your department and do you have a clear understanding of the same objectives?
  2. Do you believe there is an opportunity for your career growth in the company and to which level of management are you striving to reach?
  3. How many more years are you willing to work for the company in the same department that you are based?
  4. How much support does your team provide when working towards achieving the objectives of the company?
  5. How many times in a month do you receive constructive feedback from your manager?
  6. How many times have you gone beyond your limits to fulfill a task that you have been assigned at work?
  7. What 2-3 things should be done to improve the performance at Coca-Cola?

Explanation of the Information Included on the Survey Instrument

The questions in the survey are meant to find out the impact of teamwork culture in the organization and its effects on job satisfaction. The questions are also aimed at finding out the amount of support that new employees get from other employees to achieve their goals in the company such as advancing their studies and going to the next level of management. The employee satisfaction survey would allow the employees at Coca-Cola to speak freely about the company and offer new ideas that may not be known about the organization.

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