Teamwork in the Nursing Profession

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The nursing profession is such a broad field that I knew I would be able to find a niche that would allow me to employ my passion to help others in need. I have always had the strong inclination of caring for others and from that desire; I believe that adult nursing is the right course for me. I know this work entails a rewarding path into contributing and making a difference in patients’ lives in such a positive manner, which makes it all the more reason to pursue it. Having a chance to enrich people's lives with support and encouragement especially in times of difficulty, and seeing them improve and benefit from my help gives my purpose and what makes what I do all worthwhile.

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In my academic career in studying both BTEC Health and Social Care and Access to Nursing, I have learned many things that have prepared me for the profession. These not only include the theory in the subjects taught but through the emphasis on real-world experience through work placement.

I have been employed as a care assistant for two years in the residential home, and I believe it has played a crucial role for me in gaining experience in caring. My responsibilities included meeting the personal care needs of the residents, promoting independence, and training new staff. Working as a care assistant, I have broadened my competencies to provide an effective person-centered approach to the people I look after. Daily, I used to exercise my listening and communication skills at work by having to reassure and advise residents and their relatives, as well as making sure colleagues are informed of both the health and well-being of the residents throughout the day by handover.

Each day at work presents new hurdles to jump over. There are times when residents exhibit challenging behavior, so we try to look beyond the behavior itself and think about what may be the cause of it. We try to adopt a problem-solving approach to build a bridge that closes that communication gap and effectively responds to that unmet need. There can also be days when we are understaffed, but during these occasions when we are more pressured and time is limited, it has improved my team working, timekeeping, and self-governance skills. I have learned how vital teamwork is, as it balances the workload and creates great job satisfaction among us.

Working as a Care Assistance, I had opportunities to attend some training to continuously develop myself such as health and safety, infection control and prevention, emergency first aid at work, and safeguarding adults. I was also trained in the administration of medicines. Through this training, I gained many skills and qualities that are required during the time of administering medication efficiently to avoid errors. It had also given me a great sense of accountability by making me aware that I have to carry out my work without any negligence.

Being a carer has given me a brief insight into the realities of nursing, the challenges as well as the constraints that encompass the profession, but overcoming and witnessing the positive impact is what further fuels my passion and strengthens my determination. I believe I've made a good start in preparing myself for a nursing career by building a foundation of having experience of working in a health and social care setting as well as reinforcing core skills, values, and attitudes needed to become a good nurse.

By becoming a nurse, I look forward to achieving my ambition, positively contributing to the shaping of NHS to provide quality care to everyone. I understand nursing can be very demanding. I know and accept wholeheartedly my decision and look forward to my next steps in achieving my desired career.

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