Technology and Art of Colosseum

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Technology has influenced culture in general and it has thus changed art and architecture along the way. Before the discovery of photographic art, to record a scene or a portrait one would have had to hire an artist. This was only affordable by the wealthy people and therefore not everyone had the opportunity to owe a portrait of a loved one or a painted picture. Photography made it possible for people to keep an image of their families or to capture a memory of a time and place.

When photography became more popular it allowed the artist to explore different art work by being more abstract and fictional, since a photograph was able to capture reality. Artists have also explored with creating art pieces from photography. Photography played a big role in social change, it brought awareness to problems in society.

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The photograph taken by Margaret Bourke-White called Louisville Flood Victims, is an example of social awareness. It is an image of people standing in line for food in front of a poster that sarcastically states, “World’s highest standard of living”. Another technology that was born from photography is motion pictures. Eadweard Muybridge created a sequence of images of a running horse and used faster exposure mechanism (Frank). Leland Stanford had hired Muybridge to help him settle a battle that all four hooves of a horse come off the ground when he gallops. In the sequence he created it show that indeed all four hooves are off the ground.

The Colosseum is the first stadium build in the world. This was a great accomplishment for the Roman empire, it showed the wealth and power the empire had but above all it was an example of the new technology and architecture style that they had accomplished. The architects needed to build this amphitheater four levels high to hold as many people as possible, they also needed to build enough entrances for crowd control, so people can be seated faster and then exit quicker. The outside is made from arches and decorated columns.

Colosseum is made with travertine limestones, brick, concrete, tuff and iron. Concrete was a newly discovered material and the Romans wanted to make sure it was strong enough, so they mixed it with stone. The arches, who were also made of concrete were crucial for this building as it gave the Colosseum more strength. It took them ten years to build this massive amphitheater and it is until this day a focal building in Rome, visited by thousands of tourists each year.

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