Technology in Our Age: How Has Technology Improved Our Lives

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In the modern era, technology plays many important roles in our life. It has significantly reshaped the world in many ways. If we use technology properly, who knows how much improvement we can make? I strongly believe that when used properly, it can change the world, and you should too. Here are a few reasons why we should use it for the betterment of our world.

First, it has made our lives simpler which I am sure you can strongly agree. Yes it may be true that it has made the human race lazier and more dependent, but when used properly, it can make work more efficient and so decreasing our workload. Some examples of how it has made life easier is by making information easier to access, unlike before when people relied on books or the words of other people, we now have the thing called internet. Not only we can access information easily, but we can also travel far conveniently through the use of modern and faster transportation. We can also communicate with our loved ones through social media apps. So you see, technology has certainly changed our everyday lives by making difficult tasks more convenient.

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Furthermore, not only does it make our lives simpler, it helps us adapt to the ever changing environment. Charles Darwin said that the species that survives is the species that responds to change. We can be that species that responds to change through the use of technology. We must be ready to face the challenges global warming will bring us. As the Earth is heating up, scientists are finding solutions to reduce the damage of global warming through the use of technology.

As the previous generation grows old, the new generation has to step in to take their place, and for this new aspiring generation, they need education to be able to help improve the world. Nowadays, schools incorporate technology to help students learn. If we involve it into our studies, as long as we use it properly, we can widen and speed up the process of learning. I have observed that most schools use e-books to make learning more convenient. Based on my experience, it is certainly true that e-books make learning easier, it is more accessible and easy to manipulate. It can make us wiser and make the world a better place.

In conclusion, we can definitely say that it has improved and changed the world. Its many uses definitely shows that it is useful in the modern era. It makes life simpler, it helps us adapt, and it helps us learn. Nobody knows how much more it can change us, so we should just keep learning and exploring technology with the use of technologies. If we use technology in the wisest ways, we can get the best results.         

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