Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer: the Serial Killer Psychology

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To love, to cherish and to feel the adrenaline running through the body is of many feelings. Having the desire to assult, rape, kill, and eat others is another feeling most people don’t experience. Having to wonder if you’re safe or if you’ll make it home after going out with friends is something no one should have to worry about. Many women and men in the 1970’s were being assaulted, raped, killed and being eaten. No one expected a human could do such a thing and become such a monster. Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer were those men, who did the killing, who raped innocent people, who killed many people in countless ways and worse of all Dahmer had eaten some of his victims.

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There are many similarities between the two monsters of Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy. Bundy’s parents weren’t his parents, they were his caregivers. His mother was his sister and his father was his grandfather. Both Ted and Jeffrey mother’s had a mental disorder, Jeffrey’s mother had anxiety and Ted’s mother had severe depression, which could have caused the horrendous event that both the males have done. Both of their fathers were different. Bundy’s “father” was known for being violent. Dahmer’s father would kill animals and take out the bones and when Dahmer was around, his father noticed it amused Jeffrey. Both males didn’t have a loving and caring family, indeed they came from a broken home and many seem to believe this may have been a reason both males did what they did.

The differences between Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy is striking, and they both deserved the death penalty that only Ted Bundy got. Ted Bundy was majoring in Psychology but had the interest to become a law student. He would “study late at night” because he was a law student, during his late nights of studies is when he would strike. He would strike women by using his looks and flirt with them. Ted had also been interested in reading crime and gruesom books about murder. Nonetheless, Jeffrey Dahmer wasn’t much better. He was known as the class clown in high school. He would consume and take alcohol to school, some have said it was because of his broken home. Yet that wasn’t what triggered him, he admired his love for dead animals. He would collect roadkill and it may have started because of his father and his interest in animals. Jeffrey was a gay homosexual serial killer.

While some differences between Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer are remarkable, there are also similarities that are striking. For example, both Bundy and Dahmer were tested for a mental disorder, which both came back positive. When both Ted and Dahmer were doing their killing spree, they killed to have a sexual satisfaction with their victims. They both had stated they enjoyed being in charge of the sexual intercourse happening with the living and deceased victims. Ted Bundey’s admirers were manipulated by his looks and the way he charmed them. Jeffrey Dahmer was also very manipulative by making promises to gay men. “...lured them home with promises of money or sex” (Biography editors). Dahmer did his louring at malls, bus stops and even gay bars. He would take them back home, make them comfortable and give them alcohol that would be laced with a drug. He’d wait till the drug would take affect and strangle them to death and begin his sexual intercourse. Ted Bundy would fake an injury to have girls who were kind enough to help him and he would kidnap them, rape the women, and beat them to death or stab to death. When in trial Ted Bundy became his own lawyer, later after realizing his lawyers weren’t on his side. He got all his little knowledge from being a lawyer for the short amount of time being a law student before getting caught. Ted Bundy had confessed to the killing of the 36 women “...experts believe that the final tally may be closer to 100 or more” (Biography editors). Several years later Ted Bundy was going to be executed in the Florida State Prison and his death penalty was going to be electric chair.

The two men Ted and Jeffrey had a battle to see who was the worst monster and who is more innocent than the other. The battle took place in a jail cell. No guards, no inmates, just the two men fighting their battle. Loser would get beaten up and the winner would be the one beating up the loser. All inmates knew about the battle, most of the inmates were hoping for Ted Bundy to win and the gay men and younger inmates were cheering for Jeffrey Dahmer to win. After lunch which was 1:30 p.m. the men were ready to fight and beat each other up. They had jealousy toward each other and wanted to settle their beef. As the fight was happening, Jeffrey threw the first punch straight to Ted’s face, Ted fell to the ground but got back up quickly. Ted then went straight for Jeffrey’s stomach and then hit him with an undercut. Jeffrey didn’t expect Ted to put this good of a fight up because Ted is 8 years older than him. Although Ted was in prison longer and had more knowledge about fighting, he made sure to stay fit and to keep his strength. Both the males threw a couple of punches going back and forth, Ted wanted to settle this once and for all. He punched Dahmer’s face going left, then right, then left again, leaving Dahmer to hit the floor. Ted got on top of him and started to beat him, till Dahmer’s face was covered in blood. Dahmer used all of the little strength he had left to tap out and let Ted Bundy take the win. A couple years later, Ted Bundy was sentenced to death penalty and died from the electric chair, and Jeffrey Dahmer had been beaten to death by another inmate. In conclusion, both Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer were terrible and disgusting humans. They were just horny men who wanted more and would do anything they could to get what they wanted.  

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