Ted Bundy: Conversations with a Killer


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Serial Killer is anyone who murders three or more people with sections of “cooling off” time in between each kill. This implies that a person who kills three people at one time doesn’t receive the label as a “serial killer.” Most serial killers scrape by with the minimum of just a few kills here and there. There’s also ambitious killers who acquires a high body count before they are apprehended or before ending reign. One of the notorious criminals Ted Bundy, over the criminal span of 10 years Bundy sought out raped and murdered anywhere from about 30- 100 women. Ted Bundy was an attractive, intelligent and seemingly a normal citizen. Ted Bundy remains the most interesting serial killer of all time.

Ted Bundy was born November 24, 1946, to a single mother name Eleanor Louise Cowell iat a home for unwed mothers in Burlington, Vermont . Fear from the shame of being a single mother, Eleanor went to live with her parents in Philadelphia. Bundy was led to believe that his grandparents were his parents until he was four years old. Eleanor married Johnny Culpepper Bundy soon after and Ted’s last name was changed. Its difficult to describe his childhood because Ted Bundy offered radically different accounts of his own life. Bundy graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1965. As a student he was known to have been a mediocre student, fairly known and well liked but also struggled to make friends. During his high school years, Bundy developed a criminal record by being arrested twice for at least suspicion of burglary and auto theft. The police expunged his criminal record when he reached the age 18, and he was able to move on with life and attend the University of Puget Sound with a clean record.

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Bundy joined the University of Puget, and he later transferred to the University of Washington, he studied Chinese studies. It was here met his girlfriend Stephanie Brooks and she was older than him. She was a beautiful young woman who wore her long dark hair parted in the middle. Her resemblance to Bundy’s later victims is striking. Shortly after Stephanie graduated, she ended the relationship with Bundy and that left him devastated. After being rejected from someone he fell in love with, Bundy dropped out of college. He eventually joined College again where he studied Psychology. Bundy excelled and bonded with a number of his professors and peers. By 1972, he had graduated from college and he showed great promise in a career in law or politics. That career would be cut off short through when he discovered his true passion, viciously assaulting his earliest confirmed victim in 1974. Between 1969 and 1975, dozens of young females were murdered and or reported missing from California, to the Pacific Northwest and into Utah and Colorado.

On November 8, 1974, Bundy tried to abduct 18 year old Carol DaRonch in Salt Lake City. Impersonating an police officer investigating the arrest of a man who was breaking into DaRonch’s car. Bundy asked if DaRonch would accompany him to police headquarters to give a statement. She then followed, Bundy to his Volkswagen, and they drove off. However, she then became suspicious when she smelled alcohol on Bundy’s breath and because he was driving in the wrong direction of the police station. DaRonch managed to jump out the car before it was to late. Bundy followed on foot but gave up when he saw a car approached. Undeterred, Bundy abducted and killed another, 17- year old Debbie Kent later that night. Despite this close call, Bundy continued his killing spree until January 15, 1978 the murder of Lisa Levy and Martha Bowman, The witness stated she seen a man wearing a blue knit cap was seen leaving the premises of, Levy and Bowman. The investigators described the murders as a violent, brutal attack. There was not a solid evidence left at the crime scene because Bundy was very meticulous. The crime scene investigator had collected evidence for example blood type, a few print smudges and sperm samples, however all of this evidence proved to be inconclusive. There was another key piece of evidence that would become the centerpiece of the trial that landed Bundy in prison. It was an odd bite mark on the left buttock and breast of Levy.

The investigators requested that the suspect provide a dental impression so that they could use the impression for comparison with the suspicious bite mark, but Bundy refused. Investigators obtained a search warrant which authorized them to get the impression in any possible way. Dr. Souviron an experienced dentist from Coral Gables, took several photographs of Bundy’s front upper and lower teeth and gums. An uneven pattern was recorded, which would make a match much easier to make. Bundy’s lawyer made the request for the bite mark evidence should be thrown out due to there being no grounds for the warrant and the judge ruled the evidence admissible. Although, the tissue that was present on Levy’s buttock had been destroyed, but the photographs still remained. As the jury examined the photographs, Dr. Souviron described the bite marks on Levy buttocks. The indentation marks were unique of Bundy’s teeth. Doctor outline the structure of unique alignment, the chips, the size of the teeth and the sharpness factors of the bicuspids, lateral and incisor teeth. The comparisons of the dental impression and the bite mark were both put up on a broad as an enlarged photo and laid over each other using an transparent sheet. The doctor then explained that there was a double bite involved.

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