Being a Teenager: Significant Things and Important Stages

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Important Life Events for a Teenager Essay

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Teenage years can be viewed differently from another person’s perspective. Many people say being a teenager is the most fun time of your life. While as other people say, being a teenager is extremely difficult in today’s society.

Worst Times

The transition from childhood to adulthood is a huge change. A person is transitioning from a middle school into a high school, which is also a big change. Teenagers are told that what you do in your teenage years can affect you future. “Your life will be over if you don’t finish school.” Teenagers start to undergo pressure and people expect you to be on top of everything. Teens feel like they have this heavy weight on their shoulders; tackling homework, along with big projects, exams, SAT, college related things, and extracurricular activities on the side, which results in pulling all-nighters, exhausting yourself, which is not good for your health.

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Using social media can affect teenagers, in either a good or bad way. But there are many negative effects of social media for teens, one having low self-esteem in teens. They see pictures of models or celebrities on Instagram with flawless skin, snatched body etc. Some teens have a negative body image which refers to an unrealistic view of how someone sees their body. On another note, there are teenagers who have and still to go through bullying. Physical bullying which includes hitting kicking, verbal which includes calling people names or teasing. Cyber bullying which includes hurtful comments on posts, texts, emails, and videos.

Some teenagers today face peer pressure. Peer pressure can be a negative thing when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Teens would be drinking or smoking underage because they want to feel like they belong to a group of friends. But there are many effects to peer pressure such as getting low grades, distancing yourself from family, and possibly harming yourself in the process.

Best Part of Being a Teenager

Academic/School wise; high school students achieve great/big milestones. A sudden change in your life such as the first day of high school, getting your driver’s license, college tours, senior trips, and the best night of high school, prom. For some high school students, education is their top priority and a huge impact to their future success. Students are willing to work hard readily in order to take their career onto the next level.

Besides the positive point of being a teenager in high school, teenagers all around the world live for social media. Teens have a way of accessing people through Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook. Many people make friends through the use of internet. Sometimes, teens use social media to connect with others who understand what they are going through, whether it be a serious issue or depression.

Teenagers do not have as many responsibilities as adults do. Yes, although teenagers do chores, attend school, and catch up with extracurricular activities, it’s not as much as an adult. It’s their job to take care of the cost of food, health care (insurance), electric, house, car bills, and most importantly working.

Being a teenager is like an adventure, trying out new things like dying your hair for the first time, taking risks, and having new experiences that help us grow as a person. Teenagers have an entire world of possibilities ahead of them, and while teens are still teens, might as well make the most of it. As every teenager says “YOLO”- you only live once.

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