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Teenagers And Tattoos: Is There A Connection?

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Analysis on Teenagers and Tattoos

After reading this article I have come upon several realizations. Firstly, I feel that even though tattoos can help teenagers express themselves, many regret these later on. These ideas are somewhat new to me because these issues are not present in my own country. I feel the author did an adequate job explaining these circumstances to someone like me who isn’t well educated. Tattoos at early ages is not good and I aim to explain why with help from this article.

One of the early comments noted by the author stated that these self-mutilation practices are generally a result of a deeper issue. Many teenagers are rebelling against parents or guardians for other reasons, such as neglect. The thing that these teenagers do not realize is that these are permanent and should not be received for a temporary problem. Many tatoos that are chosen by teens are not ones they will want later in life. These deeper issues can be handled a much better way that actually fixes the problem not just cover it up.

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The author spoke about identity and tattoos, and I can certainly see where this point arises. Teens want to stand out and be unique, tattoos and piercings are an outlet for that. But I feel there are certainly many other ways that this can be accomplished that won’t hinder guilt later on in life. Constructing art is one of the ways in which this could healthfully be accomplished. Teenagers brains are still adapting and growing, they are not aware that these ridiculous tattoos will only harm them later on.

I found it very interesting how the author compared these issues to cognitive problems of adolescents. Often times, people do not consider these issues when they see someone who is completely transformed by tattoos and piercings. People often make fun of these people or fear them, but do not consider the sadness inside of them. This article made me realize that behind all this self-mutilation is another human being just seeking help. We should never judge someone based on their appearances.

The author also described how some people receive tattoos to honor a loved one who has passed. This also concluded the point the author was making previously about resolved issues. Although this may not be the best coping mechanism, these tattoos represent deeper meaning than the eye first sees. Many people feel relief when taking a tattoos of a loved on. It helps them store the memory forever. I feel these cases are more rational and should be thought about differently.

One improvement that I would suggest to the author would to have more experiments or surveys on these topics. I would greatly like to see the opinions of these adolescents on their tattoos after they reach adulthood. I think these statistics would speak volumes, especially in an argument such as this. Further studies and analysis’s should be conducted on these topics at hand.

Other than the complaint above, I feel this article adequately discusses a somewhat controversial topic. I feel that it is not bias and offers a lot of extremely interesting information. I feel less judgmental of these people now that I know the reasons behind tattoos. I think that tattoos are not necessarily bad or good, but people should really be aware of what they are doing to their bodies. I also feel that the younger generations are not equipped with the right mindset to make these decisions and should wait a few years before making these permanent decisions.


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