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Terrifying Statistics Or Where Are We Heading

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All around the world there restaurants and stores that sells food but have you ever wondered where the food that people don’t buy and use go to,well they throw it away.Americans should eliminate food being thrown away by giving it to the people who can’t afford it or buy simply not making to much food to be sold.Giving it to the homeless is way better than throwing away and it’s also the best way.

Food waste is food that is discarded or not eaten such as unsold donuts at a bakery.The causes of food waste occurs in producing, processing, retailing and the most common consuming stage. According to the “Food Recovery Hierarchy” also known as EPA, For the food that is produced and then becomes wasted despite recovery efforts recycling seems to offers some environmental benefits and plus it makes the homeless happy. Around 50% of all the garbage created by American households in the U.S is recyclable which includes left over food and nearly expired food. and only 5 percent of household food scraps are recycled and about 29 million tons of food waste end up in the dump each year. Collecting, transporting, and disposing of municipal solid waste costs US cities millions of dollars yearly and many local landfills doesn’t have space remaining to add more garbage to it.even back in the day the numbers on food was high.Even back then people would use the “sell by and best if used by”label that is on items to see if they need to get rid of the item or no known a the expiration date.and people thinks that those labels are for them to us which isn’t necessarily the case,it’s really for the manufacturer to use to see how long will food taste its best.waste isn’t just food it also cans and bottles and even furniture that needs to be recycled.Back in 2014 each person generated between 2-5 ponds of wasted material a day which is increasing every year.there are many different types of food waste examples as well. One of the biggest places of food waste is schools.the students literal throw away food which is such a waste and the main reason is because the food is terrible but that’s not a good reason to wait in the lunch line just to throw away your milk or fruit and’s even worse when some schools force their students to get thing they dont want on there tray.According to jonathan’.which is true because the last person in line does not have the same amount of time as the other students to eat because they have to wait the longest.if you were to go to a lunch room and look into the trash all you would see is uneaten food and milk cartons that’s not been opened,think about it this happens in every school 5 days a week for more than half a year that a lot of food in the trash.

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Solving the food waste could also end hunger in the united states,maybe not completely but close enough.according to ‘baylen’ it might cost money to help the homeless people out. They owners of these businesses may not like it but it the right thing to do and every owner should be advice to o it in the united states it’s our chance to back to the community according to “recycling food waste through composting”[students collected uneaten food in the cafeteria and composted it on site. They succeeded in diverting more than 97 percent of food scraps, or nearly 35,000 pounds of food, from the school waste stream during the 2014–2015 academic year.]all schools should do this and then donate it to charities so that the can feed people inside of homeless shelters.there are over 5 million homeless people in the U.S and they all need to eat. Together as a country we waste nearly 40% of the food we produce in a year so it’s about 150 billion pounds and that’s every year and all that waste being piled up is releasing ethanes into the air and is hurting the atmosphere which is another thing the U.S have to worry about because the gases are already bad enough.[government agencies and food waste campaigners have focused on the largest quantifiable targets: waste at factories, restaurants, supermarkets, and, mostly, households. The economic stakes for figuring out school food waste are more indirect,]according to ‘Jonathan’.since most food expires it cost money when you have to throw it away since you didn’t sell it and it can costy owners up to the thousand to get rid of the food each year,that a lot of money for something you are throwing away.


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