Terrorism as a Serious Crime

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Terrorism is a serious crime. Looking within the past and current scenarios there has been a number of instances of terrorist attacks. We all know about 9/11 attacks and motel Taj attacks in India. It’s more scary and perilous similar to a terrible night mare which ruins the peace and destroys the lives of end number of human beings.

The discussion topic is very delicate and serious issue to be considered. According to me its responsibility of government to attend to all citizens and try to do most suitable to defend and store their lives. We all know the mere purpose of terrorist is to carry destruction. They don’t even care about their personal lives. After killing or doing gun shoot they don’t hesitate to do suicide. They bring bomb of their frame and together with their life they takes lives of hundreds of other people who are innocent. Mostly they target the general public and crowded places. They are given precise training and been mind washed so badly that they cannot apprehend the feelings of other humans. Mostly the youngsters are been targeted.

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So it is essential to save the life of hostages who are innocent and have nothing to do with crimes. Just imagine a small children’s been kidnapped to fulfill their conditions of figuring out a crook or their leader who's been seize by way of government. I suppose in such kind of state of affairs government should try and negotiate and provide immunity preserving in thoughts the life of small children’s and their circle of relatives. Later on government can put together plan or method the way to get hold of them. But if government does not accept their terms and situations they'll no longer hesitate to kill the hostages which will be definitely bad for his or her loved ones.


So From my views I think granting immunity to terrorist and fulfilling their conditions for time being is adequate preserving in thoughts the lives of many innocent people been concerned. It is risk taking but it should be taken on the price of lots innocent human beings. Terrorist policy is been updated in which now government do negotiate with terrorist and do talk which was no longer before.


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