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Thailand Cave Rescue Operation: Moral Values

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On June 23, a group of 12 boys from Thailand football team, along with their coach went missing in a cave complex in Northern Thailand. Their parents reported to the local police and the search action was carried out after convene all parties involved. The army and cave expert from Thailand and all over the world joined in the rescue mission after the trapped person were found alive in the cave. The rescue team was still debating their best to evacuate the boys many days after the operation began. They are very responsible because they completed their purpose to save everyone’s lives. They didn’t gave up even when they encountered with problems but they chose to overcome it. All unsung heroes involved in the rescue operation united together and at the same time respect each other beliefs and cultures of various races just to make sure everything went smooth.

In the Thai cave rescue mission, one of the unsung heroes is the coach of “Wild Boar” team. The 25-year-old coach take care of 12 boys when they were trapped inside the cave. On the first few days, he distributed his food and drinks to the boys priority to make sure they had enough energy and taught them ways to reserve energy. He also asked the boys to have a positive mind set and be determine where people was going to save them soon and taught them meditation which he learnt at temple. When the British divers found them, he wrote a letter to apologise to the boys’ parents and promised that he will take good care of them before they were safe. In my opinion, he is a collective responsible person because he played his role as a leader and he is also a selfless person who put other lives more important than himself.

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Another unsung heroes of the Thai cave rescue operation is the British cave divers. When the government of Thailand requested professional cave divers from all over the world to join in the rescue mission, the volunteer British cave divers flew to Thailand immediately and led the rescue mission. 2 British cave divers were the first person to turn up with the trapped person. They also helped to plan the rescue route to bring out the boys from the cave. In my opinion, they are generous and obey to the principle of their jobs. They put down everything in their hometown and went all the way to another country just to take risk and save people’s lives. As a sign of appreciation, Thailand government send them free travel at Thailand for life.

In addition, another hero was the fallen rescue diver. Volunteer diver Saman Gunan, a former Thailand navy SEAL lost his life while installing oxygen tanks in the flooded cave complex. He lost his consciousness in the cave while returning used oxygen tanks. He is the only person who sacrifice in the Thai cave rescue mission. In my opinion, he is very brave because working in a cave is a high risk job and can cause death at any time. The navy also dedicated to his job which he confidence that they will send the boys home safely. When his wife knew that he sacrificed in the rescue mission, she didn’t blamed anyone and open-minded towards his husband death. She is optimistic and proud of his husband.

For the next unsung heroes were the engineers and volunteers who worked for long hours every day to remove water from the cave. The continuous heavy rains caused the water level in the cave rose and obstructed the rescue operation. The oxygen level in the cave dropped significantly which leads to a dangerous situation for the trapped person. In my opinion, the volunteers were very helpful and unity which they put their hands together in the heavy rains. They also gave each other strength when they are disappointed or tired. Another unsung heroes in the Thai cave rescue mission were the farmers. They were very unselfish because they were willing to sacrifice their field so that water can flow into their field although it was the harvest season. They felt that 13 lives are much more important than their income.

As a conclusion, I found that there is still warmth in this anti-social generation. There are many people with good moral values around us which we shall learn good habits from them. When everyone in this world can united together without differentiate races, culture, and religious, we will overcome a lot of problems and achieve a better future. Without any one of the volunteers in the cave rescue operation, the 13 trapped people wouldn’t came out from the cave safely. We should thank all the heroes and unsung heroes for their selfless help because they had sacrifice their time, energy and money to join the rescue mission.


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