Thandie Newton is Finally Ready to Speak Her Mind

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Thandie Newton Is Finally Ready to Speak Her Mind

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Sir Isaac Newton, who is known by many people as the inventor of calculus, was an English physicist and mathematician “born on January 4, 1643, in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England”. Although many people may only know Sir Isaac Newton because of his laws of gravity and his discovery of calculus, Newton played an extremely influential role in the scientific revolution during the 17th century.

Before Newton became the world renown Scientist that he is today, or even was during the 17th century, growing up he lived a rather interesting and rather unfortunate life and childhood. Sir Isaac newton was the only child of widow by the name of” Hannah Ayscough Newton”. However Newtons mother was not always a widow, three months before newton was born his father, who was a local farmer also named Isaac Newton, passed away. Sir Isaac newton was premature at birth and was tiny and very weak, he was not expected to live past only a few days. Obviously Newton out lived these expectations by around 84 years.

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Shortly after Isaacs father died, around the age of three years old his mother became married once more. However Newtons mother did not want to take care of him and left him to live with his grandmother. The man Newtons mother married was a reasonably wealthy minister by the name of Barnaba Smith. This could possibly be a contributing factor for some of the mental disorders and episodes the have been reported about Newton in his childhood and somewhat later life in college. Newton was reported to suffer from symptoms of bipolar disorder throughout most of his life. Newton was also said to not want to have interactions with many people. There have also been cases of depression and episodes of extreme anger in his life. Although its not the main cause of his mental being, Newtons father dying before he was born and having his mom abandon him when he was 3 could have caused or contributed to some of these conditions.

For the next nine years Sir Isaac Newton lived with his grandmother while his mom raised a son and two daughters with her second husband. This was until Minister Barnaba Smith passed away and his mother had attained a considerable amount of land. With the death of her second husband she decided she wanted Newton back in her life, this was only because she wanted him to follow in his biological fathers footsteps and help maintain her newly acquired farm land. This idea would turn out to be a horrible one because Issac could not find himself to concentrate on such tasks. Many times he was supposed to be either attending cattle or maintaining plants he would often find himself curled up somewhere reading a book. His mother realized this struggle however and decided to send him back to school to receive an education. Isaac Newton went and attended the grammar school in Grantham, by this time however Newton had already been keeping up with his studies in order to go to a university later on in life.

Issac Newton was “enrolled at the King’s School in Grantham, a town in Lincolnshire,” where he was found out about the subject of chemistry. Newton attended the school until he was 12 years old when his mom pulled him out of school in order for him to maintain her new farm from her recently passed 2nd husband. As stated before this was a horrendous idea because Isaac could not concentrate on the many responsibilities required to keep up with farm life. He often got distracted and wanted to engage in different activities such as reading and learning. His mother recognized this and decided to enroll newton back into the Kings School in Grantham where he learned about grammar and to finish his education.

Isaac had an uncle who was a graduate at the University of Cambridge’s Trinity College who realized Newtons intellectual potential. His uncle encouraged his mother to let newton attend the university of Cambridge and at this time the scientific revolution was nearly at the peak of its time during the 17th century. Throughout the first few years of college Newton was taught the standard curriculum, just like any other student. But he kept wanting to learn more and appeared to have a passion for gaining knowledge and asking questions. During his free time newton would do research and write down notes about questions and answers he wanted to know. However during the year of 1665, the great plague was in full force and caused the Cambridge university to close down for two years. This two years was when Isaac Newton really started on his ground breaking discoveries that make him the world renown scientist that he is today. After the two years Isaac Newton returned to Cambridge college to finish his education and ultimately share with his scholars his discoveries during the two year hiatus.

Although Newton is most greatly known by the word about his 3 laws of motion, his theory of gravity, and discovery of calculus, his achievements do not come without obstacles and controversy. The obvious obstacles for Newton, stated before, was that he was reported to have some psychological disorders and difficult child hood. When his mother left him with his grandmother and pulled him out of school to attend to the farm, Newton fell behind in school. Many of his classmates and fellow scholars were younger than him, if even if it was only a few years. This may have cause people to look at Newton and judge him depending on his age. If so this could have been another factor contributing to Newtons unusual mental episodes and his extremely introverted personality.

The biggest obstacle that Newton faced was the controversy regarding Robert Hooke. During the two years Cambridge University was closed Newton had come up with his theory that light was composed of particles, however Robert Hooke, who was “one of the original members of the Royal Academy and a scientist who was accomplished in a number of areas, including mechanics and optics” believed that light was composed of waves. Seeing Newtons theory was quick to condemn Isaacs theory. Because Hooke was so well know in his field at the time and because Hooke was one of the original members of Royal Academy, his renouncement of Isaac Newtons theory about light took away a lot of credibility Newton used to have. After Hooke denied Newtons theory Hooke and Newton became engaged in a huge controversy for the next several year, with the world thinking Newton and Hooke were stealing each other’s ideas. This was one of, if not the biggest obstacle and controversy Sir Isaac Newton faced during his lifetime.

Although Sir Isaac Newton made many discoveries throughout his life his most famous work is his theory of universal gravitation, his 3 laws of motion, and his discovery of calculus. The three laws of motion give us a better understanding of the physics and relationship between objects and the forces applied to them. Calculus gives us the opportunity to solve math problem in a more powerful manner. Calculus, very similar to the laws of motion, tell us the relationship of certain functions. Isaac Newtons discovery of the laws of motion and calculus almost seem to go hand and hand and this work is what makes him such a renown scientist in the world today.

Sir Isaac Newton is someone I greatly look up to. His theories and understanding of math amazes me. I have always been greatly interested in math and physics and have a desire to want to learn more about the subject. Newton also had a desire to want to learn more and this is why I would want to be similar to him.

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