Thanksgiving Day: History and Traditions


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Meaning and Importance of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has its origins

According to a rumor, the Wampanoag tribe observed that the British settlers (Pilgrims) who first set foot on the American continent in Plymouth in 1621 had not yet become accustomed to the geography of the region and found that they were struggling with hunger. The tribe felt pitiful for the new settlers and shared their prey and crops with helpfulness and hospitality. This celebration, which emerged from the peaceful convergence of the two communities, formed the basis of future Thanksgiving celebrations.

According to a different rumor, this feast started when the Pilgrims went hunting for poultry collectively in November 1621 and capturing enough animals for groups of 50 people for a week. Although the story suggests that these animals are turkeys, they are more likely to be geese and ducks that are easier to hunt. In any case, following this fertile event, a Wampanoag indigenous group of about 90 people came to the Plymouth camp, which was still a few buildings.

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Although the British settlers were initially uneasy about this unexpected visit, the groups quickly fused together, and a joint feast was held for several days, with the venison brought by the Indians as a present. In this open-air feast, deer and poultry were probably consumed as well as seafood, vegetables and beer. The groups, who were able to negotiate because of the language barrier, organized games and competitions between them and detonated weapons. This feast, which emerged as a fruitful harvest and a celebration of common blessings, has become traditional as Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving tradition also takes place in Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest religions in the world. This day, known as Jashan, is not specifically set in the calendar. They are small festivals that can also be performed on recent events.

What to Do on Thanksgiving

All the family members try to get together, eat turkeys cooked carefully at the big tables set up and thank God for all the blessings he gave.

Where is Celebration

Theme decorations for seasons and upcoming special occasions are often the only thing that brings color to the calm US streets. Especially for those who love to take

pictures, the spectacular landscapes create hard-to-capture frames for memorial albums.

This night, known as Black Friday, is the night that connects the Thursday night of Thanksgiving to Friday, with the biggest discount of the year in almost all US stores.

Black Friday began at the beginning with small discounts to direct people looking for something to do with Thanksgiving and the next day being public holidays. These discounts became expected by people over time, people who think they will find the opportunity to start this day to buy Christmas gifts and considerable mobility brought to the economy, caused satisfaction on both sides. Discount percentages increased over time and November became the last Friday of a shopping festival.



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