That is Why Islam Must Be a Religion of the World

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Islam. It is indeed a controversial religion but there are more about it than just being known as a religion which had been portrayed poorly especially by Western medias. After some research, I would like to choose to believe that Islam is a religion of peace. As far as I am concerned, my Muslim friends never did anything bad to me. As most young adults, we have a lot of fun studying and discussing things together. Sometimes arguments can happen but because of other things which have nothing to do with our faiths. At our age,anything can happen but of course that is where tolerance plays an important role. In Islam, tolerance exists when we accept each others differences.In my opinion too, Muslims are much more patient with other people compare to Non-Muslims. To tolerate with other people we should start by understanding their needs and the best medium is through communication,which what my Muslim friends did. From my experience studying in a boarding school, I found that my Muslim friends tried their best to themselves to learn about my religion as I learned about theirs and we tried to discuss about religious issues as often as possible without abandoning our studies. They asked me a lot of questions about why some things happened this or that way and at the same time I asked them to help me to clarify certain misconceptions about Islam that were raised by Westerners. As a result, not only we got to gain more knowledge but as well created a strong bond between each other.

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The next moral value that I learned was the love for God. As most religions that exist in this world, followers of Islam are also taught that God is the Creator,the ultimate source of life and thus should be worshiped and praised faithfully. From what I have studied,one of the 99 names of Allah (which means God in Arabic) is Al-Wadoud or in English is known as the All-Loving. In Islam,it is believed that if the followers become fonder for Allah, in return He would love and honor those that worship Him.Logically, someone cannot be forced to love something that he cannot see by his own eyes, but somehow Muslims are taught that if they believe in Allah’s existence faithfully, they will experience His love first-hand and will be granted an everlasting, wonderful life after death due to their trust and faith in Him.

From my studies, in Islam,the followers are encouraged to be diligent in any fields that they are in,be it in education or business. In our life,to become successful, one has to work hard and continuously. In the Al-Quran, from Surah An-Najm 53:39,it is stated “And that there is not for man except that [good] for which he strives,” or simply means not a person will get anything good unless he works hard for it. Holy Prophet of Islam,Muhammad,once said that those who are lazy are not considered friends of Allah but His enemies. From my perspective, I think in Islam, Muslims are taught to be diligent so that they can improve their living status, community and nation. If everyone are lazy, not a single thing can be accomplished. No roads can be developed,no buildings can be seen anywhere, people will be uneducated and perhaps people would be like our primitive ancestors.If all this happen, humans would be no different from animals,wild and clueless of the things that are happening in this world.As a conclusion,to be a developed and more civilised society of the world, we should always be diligent in what we do.No man should be left behind on this road to success, but that man himself should always be ready to do some hard work to in order to be successful.

Lastly,the next moral value would be honesty in Islam. Honesty is one of the many things we hear often throughout our life whether we are Muslims or Christian, black or white and female or male.It had been a core of a relationship among each human.In my opinion,by being honest,a person can gain trust from another person. Back in the old days, when Prophet Muhammad (founder of Islam) was young, he went with his uncle to trade and His honesty in carrying out the business impressed everyone. People gave him titles of sadiq which means the truthful and Al-Amin, the faithful.Honesty in what we do and say is important as it helps us to establish relationships and confidence in other people when it comes to us.In the business world, competitions among entrepreneurs are very tense, but in order to survive,we need to have good and trustworthy allies.As of in schools or universities, we need strong bonds and better connections with other students so that we can get things like assignments and projects well done.

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