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The person I have chosen to write about is very close to me and helps me every day, even when she’s not trying. My hero is my mom. A person who inspires me always. While raising four kids, my mom homeschooled all of us. I was home-schooled till 9th grade, my sister until 6th, my brother until 4th, and my youngest sister till kindergarten. She also maintained a steady job and is now going back to college to get her diploma. Throughout this whole paper, I hope that it is clear that my mom has done so much for me and the whole family and that she truly is my hero, and also a role model.

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Home-schooling was never perfect, but my mom always made it work till we all went our separate ways to elementary, middle, and high school. Although some people looked at it as if we weren’t learning what we should or had negative comments about us being home-schooled, I believe we were all better equipped for when we did transfer into our schools. My mom made sure that we knew the basics and that we did everything we needed to, even if she did have to work that day. During the time that we were a part of a co-op group, my mom taught a class of 4 and 5 year old’s, and she was great at it. She juggled getting everything ready for her class and making sure all of us kids were on target and didn’t need any help. Even though we’re all in school now, she did the very best she could to teach us and I will never forget that.

My mom has always loved her job. Although she’s had moments where it’s been hard and she’s had a lot of stuff thrown at her at once, she always pushes through and gets everything done. She’s easy to work with and tries to help everyone out to the best of her abilities. While there have been times when she felt like maybe that wasn’t her calling or it wasn’t her place to work, she has been proven time and time again that she is very much appreciated at work and everyone depends on her for more than she does knows.

About a year ago, my mom decided to go back to college to get a degree in something related to accounting, which is what she does. By doing this, she’s shown what hard work and perseverance can lead to. The classes that she’s had so far haven’t had anything to do with what she wants to learn, so each class has been hard for her, but she’s proven time and time again to just keep pushing and you’ll eventually make it to your goal. Although it might be hard and stressful, I know that she’ll be able to meet her goal and receive her diploma.

In conclusion, my mom has always tried to teach us that by hard work and putting your mind to what needs to be done, you can accomplish almost anything. She has always been there for all four of us kids whenever we need her. She always makes sure we’re fed well and so much more. It’s taken me a while to finally realize how much she does and what I and my siblings take for granted each day, but I now know that everything she does is out of love and trying to watch out for us. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am now without my mom. She’s always there to give advice or just listen to me talk. My mom is my hero,  a person who inspires me always and that will never change. 

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