The 2nd Amendment (The Right to Bear Arms)

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Since 1791 the 2nd amendment (The Right to Bear Arms) has been allowed which was a debate that focused on whether protects a private right for citizens to keep and bear arms or a right that can only be used through militia organizations like the National Guard. This Amendment was not granted until long after the Bill of Rights was adopted. While states in the Funding era regulated firearms, blacks were often forbidden on the government rolls. The guns laws that we follow today are more extensive and controversial .Most individuals consider having and walking around with their firearm. Others considered this amendment to be an act that is holding America back. Due to the 2nd amendment allowing people to carry firearm, crime rates due to gun violence has been increasing. The cost of gun violence has also increased medically and fatally costing America about $229 per year. There are in some instances where many members of the American public approve children being able to have possession of fire arms and be taught how to use them. Some Americans who aren’t too fond of this amendment are trying to change the law, but it takes more than two thirds of the congress to approve this change.

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One of the biggest issues involving the lack of gun control is directly correlated to its effects on crime and murder. While it being a debate about gun control there’s always two sides to a story. No matter which side you may fall under, crimes due to guns are still on the rise. Just picture a woman/man whose angry from just getting fired from a long-time job and they decide to retaliate by shooting and killing the person who fired them or just shoot up the whole job. Something so simple can turn into a horrific act all because the having a gun is considered power. America holds the highest number of gun violence compared to any other country. The U.S. has the 31st highest rate in the world: 3.85 deaths due to gun violence per 100,000 people in 2016. That was eight times higher than the rate in Canada, which had .48 deaths per 100,000 people — and 27 times higher than the one in Denmark, which had .14 deaths per 100,000. (Nurith, Aizeman).

To think the America is so tough on crimes and incarceration, why is it that we hold the highest number of violence? Even though there are limitation to who can possess firearm, there are others who don’t follow the law. When denied access to purchase a gun, citizen go beyond their means to find a way. At this point it is considered to be illegal. There are some individuals who are lurking for others who are carrying a gun to rob them. There are also cases where some people purchase guns from others who are selling illegally. No statute is given out when purchasing an illegal gun. Also, no direct attachment to the actual gun causes crime rates to go up because someone can assault or even kill another person without being linked to the actual gun that was used in the vicious act.

When reading a survey, it was shown that 467/231 persons were victims of a crime that was committed with a firearm in the year 2011. In that same year, the FBI collected data that shown that firearms were used in 68% of murders, 41 % percent of robbery offenses and 21 % of aggravated assaults nationwide. Also the most homicides that are committed in the United States are committed with firearms, especially handguns. In the year of 1993 homicides rates steadily fell reaching a low of 10, 117 in 199 which started as 17,075. The rise of homicides emerged to a high of 11.547 in 2006. It then began to fall once again to 10,869 in 2008.

During the past two decades, juveniles and young adults has had a great impact for gun violence in the United States. About 86 % of homicides that were committed were committed with firearms. In the mid-to-late 1980’s and early 1990’s there was a dramatic increase in homicides amongst teens and young adults within the age range of 15-24 years old who used firearms. As the years went by 1984 to 1993, the handgun homicide rate for that age group increased drastically by 158 %. Since 1993 to 1997 the rates for homicides involving firearms decreased. The number of juvenile victims of gun violence was more than twice as high in 1997 than in 1984 (Snyder and Sickmund, 1999)

If you noticed that when you go to purchase a car or even a home, you are under close review. You must run your credit and go through massive background checks just so that the seller can get a better picture of the type of person that you are. This is to insure safety and help reduce future car fatalities. In doing so, car fatalities dropped from 33.5 deaths per billion miles traveled in 1975 to 11.8 in 2016.The US should put in effect more rigorous requirements for owning firearms, this goes for adults as well as teenagers. To be approved to have a firearm I think that the individual needs to take a psychological test to determine if they are a psycho or a maniac. A doctor who is licensed in psychology should provide a detailed report permitting the access to a firearm. More than a million people were not able to access the gun because the background was not clean. (myessaypoint) “For the most part, it is much easier to be a legal gun owner in America than it is to be a legal driver,” says David Hemenway.

In a blink of an eye someone’s life can be taken away destroying a family due to a crime involving a gun. With restrictions and certain requirements in play on retaining firearm, this can be a great way to deter from gun violence. When an applicant applies for a concealed weapon license The State Department of Agriculture and Consumer needs to make sure that the person applicant meets certain requirements. This would include being a US citizen, being of age which is 21 years old or older, may not be a convicted felon, and he/she must also demonstrate competence when using a firearm. Having a concealed weapons license also have cons, which states that an applicant may purchase as many guns as they want at one time because Florida does not regulate that. To sell guns, sellers doesn’t not need to have a state license. Applicants are able to purchase their guns with them since the state of Florida doesn’t have a 3 day period.

There are two common types of Federal gun charges. The first statue being possession of a firearm by a felon referred to as 922 ( g ) offenses. The second statue involves possessing, brandishing, or committing a crime of violence which involves discharging of a firearm which is referred to as 924 ( c ). Here are a few mandatory and maximum sentences that accompany federal gun charges. If you are using, carrying, or have possession of a gun in furtherance of crime and violence or drug trafficking crimes you can serve 5 years to life in prison. Brandishing a Gun can cause you to serve 7 years to life in prison. If you discharge a gun you will looking at serving 10 years to life in prison/ For anyone who possess a short-barreled -rifle, short-barreled shotgun- or semi-automatic assault weapon will serve 10 years to life in furtherance of crime of violence or drug trafficking crime.

Rather than incarceration, there should be some alternatives of how we can convict someone who is wrongfully using their firearms. This would include but not limited to specialized programs/classes and community service. Community service will be have a positive impact in different neighborhoods and its primary goal is to serve the community and make sure that its safe while enforcing the courts order of a specific number of hours. Community service is a program that the courts use to create a meaningful sanction for non-violent offenders. This is unpaid supervised work that is a payment caused by carrying a firearm illegally. Just think about it, who would want to work for free? When you’re at work do you enjoy the feeling of being micromanaged? I’m pretty sure that this can be an effective way to bring crime rate down and also would push individuals to retrieve fire arm the right way. This would also help bring down the capacity of prisons.

The United States of America is the country that incarcerates more citizens than any other country in the Nation. “The increase in the jail and prison population from less than 200,000 in 1972 to 2.2 million today has led to unprecedented prison overcrowding and put tremendous strain on state budgets. The United States has 5 percent of the world’s population but nearly 25 percent of its prisoners.” (Eji) Individuals are filed with anger due to the fact that they feel America is “tough on crime.” Mandatory minimum sentences are given to people with such minor crimes such as drug offenses and possession of fire arms. Gun control not controlled has had a huge effect on the increase of prisoners in America today. It is believed that crime is soaring out of control due to gun crimes. Even though having a gun can impact your life in a negative manner by causing you to go to jail, Americans remain hostile to any idea that has restrictions on guns. They feels as though their communities are safer when they are able to purchase weapons freely to defend themselves.

We then have to ask ourselves, are communities truly safe when citizens have free access to firearm? Or does the idea of individuals having free will to walk around with guns cause terror and is unsafe? This can be an obscured ordinary form of individual gun violence if the right measures are not taken with having access to firearm. Having such easy access to guns may cause interpersonal neighborhood feuds, suicides, and domestic violence. For example, the case with George Zimmerman speaks on how he was a guy who was considered to be the neighborhood watch. He seen a child who he was unfamiliar with and decided to take matters in his own hands rather than contacting police officials. Zimmerman and the youth made contact and the child was shot and killed. Zimmerman was able to walk free. In a situation like this, gun control has been violated and a firearm was used due to having higher power.

We have American citizens that are currently locked up not for killing another citizen but because they had the gun in their possession. Is this right? We place precious few limitations on the production and distribution of guns but then impose draconian penalties on poor black men who possess them. As Marco Rubio recently put it in a moment of accidental insight: “Our laws today reflect a time when dealing with gun violence was largely keeping handguns out of the possession of a gangbanger or street thug.” A collaboration between liberals and conservative has led to huge numbers of people, disproportionately black, locked up for illegally possessing firearms that are otherwise permitted to circulate almost freely. For a citizen who ever had a felony conviction for a minor nonviolent drug offense are at high stakes for getting incarcerated because it is illegal for them to poses a firearm that others deem to be a basic constitutional right. It is estimated that 1 out of 3 of black males who has a felony record has a hard time trying to live a fully-loaded American dream. If caught with a firearm they will be subjected to imprisonment.

Gun control advocates see a turning point for new state laws after the Parkland shooting in Florida. In February, gun control advocates mentioned that there was a change about the debate that took effect this year. This wasn’t the first gun offense that caused many to lose their lives, so the energy that people were giving towards the issue drove gun safety to the top of the minds of mothers and children. During election time the amount of engaged voters are normally less than what it was for this particular situation which touched multiple families. This act had an effect on the November midterm election. This was the best year in history where gun-control advocates had a voice and made a difference. Since the shooting that took place in Florida, the Gilford’s law Center to Prevent Gun Violence counts 55 new gun-control laws passing in 26 states.( Amber Phillips July 21) This doesn’t happen on a normal basis. Republican governors in 15 states signed bills gun-control advocates supported.

Let’s think back to the mass shootings that took place at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado ; Virginia Tech in Blackburgs, Virginia ; a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado ; Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and the attempted assassination of U.S Representative Gabrielle Gilford’s and accompanying mass shooting in Tucson , Arizona . despites all the unfortunate events, the gun control legislation was never passed through the house of congress since the assault weapons ban. The state legislatures were far more active in liberalizing the concealed carry laws. (Vizzard, 2015). If people were to vote and take heed into what has been going for years, then laws would have already been passed. Young kids/ adults who are harboring grudges were able to let it out on innocent people because they had access to guns like AR-15 and AK-47 only officials should have had access to.

What we need to do is educate ourselves when it comes down to Gun control laws. We need to figure out ways of how we can come together to help one another. When you notice someone is depressed or having traumatic issues within their lives, try talking to them to get a sense of how they are feeling. Abuse, neglect, etc plays a huge role into turning a person they don’t recognize themselves. Many of these terror acts were made my individuals who were considered to have mental health issues. Peer reviewed research has shown that individuals with major mental health disorders are more likely to commit violent acts. According to research atleast 59% of the 185 mass shootings that took place in the US from 1900 through 2017 were carried out by the people who had either diagnosed with a mental health disorder or demonstrated signs of serious mental health prior to the attack. These were often the kids that grew up very quiet and were anti-social. (Grant Duwe & Michael Rocque 2018). To sum it all up about the mass shootings, none of the would have happened or could have been avoided if we had more control on our guns. Every individual who took part in the shootings had two things in common, Mental health issues and access to multiple guns.

To conclude, crime rates may still be on a rise in the United States because of the 2nd amendment but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any gun crimes in other countries. Gun control has had a positive effect on the crime rate and has negative effects. There are so many people who are incarcerated for having possession of firearms and committing crimes with them. I think it’s best to Bring awareness to everyone letting them know that so many families have been destroyed. Either because they have died or have gotten arrested and are behind bars for the rest of their lives. June 2nd has marked the annual observance of National Gun violence awareness day. On this day citizens gather up and wear orange as a contribution to all the families who were affected by gun violence. Some may not know but firearms have played a huge roll in more than half of suicides. In the United States alone there has been more than 80,00 non-fatal injuries which required medical care and hospitalization.

So, if you have a gun and you purchased it the legal and correct way, please make sure that it is kept in a place that you are only aware of. Keep your kids and other family members away because you don’t want them to be added to the statistics as another person who is rushed to the hospital for mistakenly shooting themselves or trying to kill themselves. Use your gun wisely only when you must, and when your life is depending on it. If everyone does the same this world will become a better place.

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