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The 3 Key Areas Of Esports: Teamwork, Tutoring, And Communication

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How many people here have played basketball before? How about football or soccer? These are games that people would definitely call “sports”. A sport that I personally enjoy watching was broadcast on ESPN and had a $10 million dollar prize pool tournament. The players won those $10 million dollars in a chair. What I’m referring to is an Esport or Electronic Sport. I’m not talking about playing tennis or golf on the Wii. What I’m talking about is a game that has all the core components of a traditional sport, communication, training, teamwork.

Communication is by far one of the most crucial skills to have in an Esport. In traditional sports there are many forms of communication that you might not notice such as body language and eye contact. In a Esport, for example League of Legends, lots of these factors are missing, you can’t communicate the things you want to do with your teammates with your body. Since you don’t have all these tools in an Esport, suddenly communication skills become incredibly valuable. The difference of calling a movement one second late can cause you to lose out on those millions of dollars. Communication is valuable in every sport but I believe being able to communicate your thoughts are much more valuable in Esports.

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The second thing traditional sports and Esports share in common is that they both require training. Esport teams will often live in a single house shared with their manager, coach, and analysts. They spend nearly all of their time together in order to develop an affinity for each other. Many teams will actually fly out to South Korea to train vs the best teams in the world and play against the Korean ladder. Training your skills is essential to being a good Esports professional.

Stemming from my second point, teamwork is the heart of most Esports.In most games like League of Legends or Dota there are LeBron James and Kevin Durant positions and then there are your Rajon Rondo positions. But the important thing is that you need everyone to fill all positions. This is a problem because everyone wants to be the LeBron James or Kevin Durant of games, they all want to be the star but they don’t want to be the one responsible to doing all the unglamourous work of helping the team be successful. If you want to be a good team member you need to have humility and resist the urge to put yourself in the spotlight. It’s hard, teamwork is hard, but its worth it if you want your team to be successful.

All of these things should sound similar. There is a lot of controversy about if Esports are actually real sports. There were even waves of complaints when Dota2 was broadcast on ESPN. But the essentials are the same between Esports and and traditional sports are they not? To be a professional at both of these you need to have a great amount of skill and have the attributes I mentioned. Hopefully, this speech has helped to pique your interest in Esports and you’ll be open to hearing more about them in the future.


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