The 4 Vs of Operations Management

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The 4 Vs of Operations Management

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Volume – this refers to the amount of a particular item required to satisfy its demand. Low volume activities have a tendency to be less repetitive and dull with staff involved in more than one role (multitasking) while high volume involves repeatable techniques, which can be institutionalised or computerised. A high volume can reach and satisfy the demand as the production process is faster due to automated activities. Coca Cola as a company can produce with greater volume efficiency than smaller, local beverage companies. All around, more than 10,000 Coca-Cola are consumed each second, according to UK business insider, so you can imagine how many bottles and cans of Coca Cola drinks are being produced.

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Variety – relates to the variety of goods/service to be created and sold to client. Variety is all about diversity. High variety enables organisation’s to adapt and create products or service to meet customer requirement. The higher the variety the lower the volume of the products or services. For example, Coca Cola creates variety of different beverages, so how Coca Cola operates will differentiate from a beverage company that produces just a couple. Coca Cola will have a lot of factories making different products, some abroad, as they sell variety of drinks. The team will also consist of big groups and Coca Cola will have more specialist working for each product for taste trials and research, while small beverage company like normal orange juice will have a local factory with small group working together with no specialist.

Variation – this alludes to the how much the level of demands changes over a period of time because of outer components. Nonetheless, various elements make it hard to foresee variety.

For instance, a catastrophic event, for example, if a earthquake hits Great Britain, this will prompt an expansion in nourishment stuff and house supplies and less demand for Coca Cola drinks.

Visibility – insinuates the measure of the organisational process does the customer truly experience. Service industry has high visibility because the customer experience the process frist hand. Coca Cola organisation does not have high visibility as they are in manufacturing industry and all the process happens at the back (factories) customers only gets to experience the product. Customers doesnt get to see how the product is being made they just get to taste it. Even restaurant staffs do not get the full experiences of how the drink is made as they are given premade syrup which they mix with carbonated water.

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