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The 7 Benefits Of Having Plants in Your Office

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Humans benefit from being in and around nature. Going out for a walk in the fresh air is often suggested for any number of reasons. Headache? Go out. Sad? Take a stroll around the block. Unmotivated? See if you’re inspired by hiking or sitting at the park.

There’s just something about trees, flowers, and other plants that calls to us as a species. So why don’t you have any in your office?It can seem like putting plants around the office is a tedious bit of management not worth the time but that’s far from the truth. The benefits of plans in the workplace far outweigh the lost minutes it takes to water and care for them. You could even be losing money by not filling your business with the proper foliage.

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How? See for yourself:

Boosts Productivity

As long as everyone can see a plant from where they’re sitting, you’re increasing their productivity. Just a small handful of houseplants can boost productivity by up to 15% and that’s incorporating only a few throughout the workplace. By adding even one plant every three to four feet, you’re improving your employees’ memory retention and helping them earn hire scores on tests. It’s all about psychological engagement in the work environment in order to boost happiness and production.

Decreases Sickness and Absences

Studies have shown workspaces that integrate plants and elements of nature into their office design increase scores of wellbeing by 15% and heighten productivity by 6% compares to spaces without these additions.

There has also been evidence that office plants can decrease symptoms of poor health, like fatigue, nose and eye irritation, dry skin, and problems concentrating, by 25%. If you feel better when you’re at work, you’re more likely to finish the day out or go in at all.

Filters the Air

This goes without saying but it’s good to be reminded that every plant around you is filtering the air of carbon dioxide. In air-conditioned offices this reduction is about 10% but buildings without AC can benefit from a nearly 25% decrease in C02 throughout the office. The best part? The size of the plant doesn’t matter!

Lowers Stress

Employee happiness really comes down to one thing: how stressed are they at work? Every job has its stresses but if it’s too demanding or there’s nothing in place to mitigate feeling overwhelming, people will burn out eventually. Job satisfaction hinges on keeping stress levels manageable. A study by the University of Technology in Sydney found just how vital plants are in the workplace for reducing stress and other issues back in 2010:

  • 37% drop in anxiety and tension
  • 58% decrease in depression/dejection
  • 44% reduction in anger/hostility
  • 38% fall in fatigue

Reduces Noise

Plants actually absorb sound! This natural trait keeps distracting conversation and noises to a minimum. By placing larger, potted plants in corners and edges of rooms, you’ll start hearing a big difference.

Enhances the Workplace

As Space Refinery’s founder, Katya Rablova, says herself, “Plants are one of the best things in the office, but dying plants are one of the worst ones.” This statement could not be truer and it actually affects us on a psychological level on whether or not we want to join a company. Plants add that natural connection that human’s crave so if a company is lacking in that and natural light, we subconsciously move away from what we see as sterile and bland. Though, as Katya stated, upkeep is important as dead and dying plants can have similar results.

Heightens Creativity

It’s been found that offices sporting natural elements have their creativity boosted by about 15% than those without. As nature relaxes people and allows them to concentrate better, it shifts are brains into a different type of processing mode. The attention restoration theory goes much deeper into this and it’s fascinating!

Plants to Consider

Though this really comes down to personal preference and the amount of space in the office, there are a number of plants that are great options no matter the workspace. Think about adding these bits of greenery when you start jungle-fying your workplace:

  • Desk plants like the bonsai are a beautiful option that can last for ages but are a bit high maintenance.
  • Though only tall employees will be stuck watering them, hanging plants create a welcoming atmosphere. Bright green neon pothos will really brighten up dark spaces.
  • Low-light is common across workspaces so low-light plants should always be the go to choices for your office. Snake plants are fantastic options and they don’t need to be watered that often.
  • Aloe plants are wonderful if the office is sunny and people are out for long periods of time. They also absorb cleaning chemical from the air!
  • Every office needs a bit of colour. Peace lillies, African violets, lady slipper orchids and bromeliads are just a few choices that would really make your office pop.

Create an Inviting Workplace

Space Refinery can help you choose the right plants for your office and build the best design around them. Our goal is to create workspaces that are beautiful, encourage creativity, and promote great work from your employees. It’s all about improving your company culture and the atmosphere of your office. And if you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch with the Space Refinery team. We love design, and we’d love to answer any questions that you may have.


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