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The Adjustable Modern Slicer Review

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Do you like cooking Food but at the same time, you don’t like cutting and don’t want to waste your time in that? We have the best item for you. The adjustable Modern Slicer, a Modern-Day kitchen necessity, which can increase your food preparation time by 50 percent because of its easy use. On the side of the Mandolin are the three knobs which allow you to quickly cut the foods of any size and shape very quickly.

The manual adjustment blades are durably designed with the slicer blades made of stainless steel. With the high-quality of these blades, they will stay super sharp. This Slicer allows you to cut or shred a variety of vegetables to facilitate your cooking. You can cut French Fries of varying thickness, waffle cut chips, slicing a fruit or a vegetable at your ease, this slicer is your call or maybe the best if you are looking to impress your new guests with some amazing cooked food.

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  • Our Professional Mandolin Slicer is a necessity in the kitchen for your delicious and tasty cooked foods.
  • The slicer has four thickness variations of 1mm, 3.5mm, 5.5mm and 7.5mm for thin slices and waffle cutting options.
  • Allows a very quick change for the cuts to be made by the seamless changing through the knobs at the side of the Mandolin.

Bullet Points

Built-in Blades: The Professional Mandolin Slicer can help you achieve all the thickness adjustments just within the turn of single knob, providing a seamless exchange between the built-in slicer and other waffle blades, avoiding any headache of blade replacement.

Variable Sizing and Thickness: With the four blades variation of thickness of 1mm, 3.5mm, 5.5mm and 7.5 mm, the professional Mandolin Slicer can help you achieve more than 18 kinds of variation in cutting your fruits and vegetables.

Safe to use: Your safety is most important to us, while using the slicer your hands can cut, our safety pusher helps you to avoid your hands from being cut. Within the four stainless steel blades is a pin which can fix the food firmly. Anti-skidding handle and feet can be perfectly fixed in smooth surface, avoid getting any hurt during the operation.

Safety Guard and Folding Legs: The safety guard will help you to secure food when slicing them with non-slip non-skid legs by providing a stable platform and raising the height of the slicer up to 14cm, this giving you a bigger room to slice more of your vegetables and fruits at once.

Easy to Clean: Under the running tap or a dishwasher, our mandolin slicer is easy to clean with the un avoiding need of changing the blades and taking a risk of cutting yourself.


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