The Advancement of Information Technology

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During the past 50 years the advancement of Information technology has been significant. IT has changed and adapted constantly during these years to get to where it is now. Our daily lives typically involve IT whether it is waking up and jumping onto social media to mobile banking. IT has changed the way people live and even work. Understanding fully the significance of how much IT has affected society is required since everything, including laws, are implemented onto IT. Developments in ITIT has not always been like this, it has taken time and continuous hard work to get IT to where it is now. A globally connected community that has been integrated into our daily lives. After the introduction of the internet during the 1960s the connectivity between organisations, businesses and individuals changed drastically. Entities were able to communicate with each other without being physically present but also having the communication being instant. Moreover, during the 1960s the computer became commercialized for businesses. Businesses have begun opening to using technology to advance their business and complete at a substantial faster rate. A decade later, during the 1970s the IT advancement took another leap with the introduction of floppy disks, portable laptops, colour television, inkjet and laser printers.The announcement of the floppy disk was a huge advancement within the storage and mobility world of IT.

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Despite it’s the name, the floppy disk is a small rigid square that can contain information within. To be able to enter information into a piece of hardware that can be carried with ease and moved is a huge breakthrough. Compared to the floppy disk’s predecessor, it has become more durable in terms of it being less fragile and in terms of its lifespan. During the time that computers became popular it brought the idea of having a portable computing device. What followed next was the first portable laptop called the Epson HX-20. It was the first ever notebook and hand-held computer. Individuals had the ability to type onto keyboard and see the results on the LCD screen with 4 lines of 20 characters. It featured a built-in microcassette drive, barcode reader connector and several other features. This piece of device might not seem as significant compared to current laptops, but this device created the path for other laptops to be adapted and created which followed right after with the TRS-80 Model 100. Another decade later, during the 1980s it introduced CD ROMs (allowed disks to be read by a computer), digital phones (1G), cameras, microscopes and contact lens. The very first 3D video game was also released during the 1980s. Within the small span of a decade the advancement of IT, yet again, has shown to be immense. The introduction of the first generation of the mobile device showed how far IT has come. To be able to pick up a device to type numbers into and be connected to another mobile device that allowed communication via real-time is incredible. The first mobile device that was approved to be sold publicly by the U.S FCC was the Motorola DynaTAC. The possibilities at this point became endless and technology continued to advance rapidly. Furthermore, between 1980s-1990s Windows 95 and Mac OS began to gain popularity. The creation of these operating systems created a platform and paved the way for social media to flourish. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) became quite popular within this time and is still used to this day.

IRC is a system used to chat within a set of rules and conventions. With the implementation of IRC individuals can talk to each other instantly within a chatroom. It should be noted that IRC is also used to implement a chat room where multiple individuals are able to all talk at once via messages. IRC is an application layer protocol that eases communication in text. The development of this made it possible to communicate on via on screen words using a device.BBS is a computer server with software that allowed individuals to connect to. Once connected the user was able to have a range of abilities such as uploading and downloading software and data. The ability to connect to a server where an incredible amount of people connects to and begin to become interconnected was a huge milestone. Many BBSes allowed message exchanges, bulletins, message board and even allowed online games. BBS came out as one of the earliest forms of socieal media. The amount of connectivity at this point is vast and the development of IT can only progress rapidly.During the 1990s-2000s the internet became free to use, due to Tim Berners-Lee, which meant various developments in social media began during this time. Myspace and Facebook were developed and released, blogging followed up with popularity. Also, during this time the famous instant messaging platform we use today began to rise with AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger.

Currently in the 2010s social media is at every door step we use, and not only does it impact our daily lives but it also impacts society. More and more social media are popping up frequently. Due to IT advancements and the internet, it has become easier to connect and learn new things which means IT advancement is only going to increase due to the amount of information circulating constantly. How IT Has Changed Society and Work Society has been changing and adapting with the advancement with IT. During this time the way people live, work and socialize have all been impacted. We currently live in the information age, also known as the digital age. It started roughly from the 1968 and progressed to what it is now. IT has brought us to where we are now. During this time society has been adapting to each update that IT has brought forth and has been constantly changing and effecting individuals. For example, IT has changed the way of education. Compared to the past, the way we can retrieve, send, store and manipulate data with such flexibility is incredible when it comes to education. With the ability to convey and retrieve information accurately and instantly came along online education and information. It is now possible to even acquire an online degree at a great distance with the use of IT which many people in society currently do since they either live too far or cannot fit education with their busy life.Furthermore, IT has changed the way we communicate on a regular basis. To communicate a 100 years ago would mean to either send a letter or meet face-to-face to communicate. Imagining how this could impact a business in terms of orders made abroad with payments needing to be acquired which usually took 2 weeks, it delayed greatly the whole process of it.

Currently with the advancement of IT society can benefit with instant communication with several forms of it. We have internet, mobile, social media and computer, video and mobile apps. The ability to talk instantly over the internet using an application installed on your phone or to use a video conferencing tool, such as Skype, to have an important voice-to-voice and video communication with an important client for work or an ill family member is a huge impact IT has had on society in terms of socialising. A case study published by Inversoft shows that communication with customers are constantly changing. Inversoft is a leading company that specializes in customer communication2.IT has also changed the way society deals in transactions. Whether it be using a contactless oyster card or using a debit card. The need for using cash is being pushed to redundancy. Moreover, when it comes to shopping IT has brought upon a completely innovative way to shop that allows users to shop 24/7 globally. The fact that everything being bought online is instant, in terms of transactions, information is passed insanely fast means delivery of goods usually come within a week despite companies being incredibly distant. However, the advancement of IT does not necessarily mean that there will only be benefits but instead it will also adopt bad habits. For example, most kids and teenagers are addicted to the internet whether it be playing a video game on their gaming console or mobile phone. Parents are having a hard time dealing the digital addiction and find it increasingly difficult to counter it. Another aspect is that kids and teenagers are vulnerable to criminals online which is a huge impact on society since cyber crime takes place too often.Furthermore, the health industry has benefited an incredible amount from IT which allows society to benefit also.

E-health has been introduced which allows people that are not able to see a doctor to seek help and information. The use of IT in health has shown to improve efficiency, quality, cost-effectiveness and safety of medical care delivery in our healthcare’s system1. To further show the benefits and immense strides IT has had in the healthcare industry is a case study on Costs and Benefits of Health Information Technology by Shekelle P, Morton SC, Keeler EB. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2006 Apr. Lastly, IT has changed how we receive our entertainment. We can watch TV while being able to pause a show or even record what is being played to watch later. IT has also allowed the ability of on demand entertainment such as games being played on a mobile device all the way to watching movies at the touch of a button on your TV. The games played on a mobile device is also interactive with sensors and camera recognition. The entertainment industry has also increased greatly due to IT and many jobs followed with it. The increase in self-employed individuals in the entertainment industry is constantly rising due to YouTube, Instagram and various other IT influenced websites/applications. An article published by Sergey Bludov, shows that entertainment is always adapting with IT advancements3.During the past 50 years IT has changed the way businesses work and how individuals operate within those businesses. Typically, during the 1960s men worked 9-5 jobs that usually involved physical labor and supported their wives and children. As time progressed and the advancement of technology increased more jobs became available.Geographic location does not matter anymore. In the past workers were not able to work from a distance especially if they needed collaborate with colleagues.

Currently with the use of applications individuals can interact with a video conferencing tool and microphone to speak and see one another. The use of this has allowed individuals to work from home and even work across countries on the internet. The Guardian has published an article on individuals working from home in 2014 at a record 4.2 million4. Below is a chart of the sectors people work within at home4. Technology also changed the way individuals pay bills and transfer money. No more will a person need to visit a bank to withdraw or transfer money. This means that workers can be self-employed and work from home. The ability to send money online makes it so that employers are able to hire workers and services globally. Making payments has become accessible to the point where you can do everything over mobile banking. With this, businesses can deal with customers instantly and handle transactions done with banks instantly online. This saves businesses time and money.

An article published by Techopedia show the impact of Mobile Banking Furthermore, during the past 50 years IT has had an impactful way in the motor industry. The constant use of IT has allowed more fuel-efficient rides possible. For example, Tesla has been releasing electric and hybrid vehicles that are able to take you for hundred of miles with a single charge5. In 2016 more than 2 million electric vehicles were sold worldwide due to IT.Currently, IT is being used for sensor breaks on vehicles within Tesla and has even sold cars with this technology. Various companies are using IT to innovate their products into keeping up with technological advancements of society. The following link shows an article written by Karl Utermohlen on “The Future of Technology in the Automotive Industry 5As it is seen there is no slowing down for how IT is being used in the motor industry, IT is greatly affecting businesses and every sector of it.BBy Abdullah MohamedLondon, United Kingdom— Monday, September 24, 2018 — 5 pages 69pTopics covered:

  • Current IT Issues in Society
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Digital Citizenship Significance in Society
  • Personal Data
  • Current Issues in Society

Relating to Personal Data Current IT Issues in Society Society has progressed further and further with the use of IT. There is the ability to participate in online communities, social media and be interconnected with other users online. Digital Citizenship is the appropriate, responsible technology use. Digital citizenship is defined by your presence on the internet, using digital technology and your part of digital citizenship.Digital citizenship has impacted society greatly and not being a part of it means you will not be connected, and generally, be outcasted from society. The fact that businesses, individuals and even government officials have a digital citizenship means that to be present in society you will need to have it.According to Mike Ribble, an expert in Digital Citizenship, there is nine elements of digital citizenship. Digital Access is having the basic opportunity when it comes to technology and working towards equal digital rights. This the beginning of digital citizenship.Digital Commerce is the ability to be effective consumers in a new digital economy while understanding the benefits and dangers of online transactions.Digital Communication is the ability to communicate digitally with the use of various mediums of communication available and understanding the etiquette associated with them.Digital Literacy is the process of teaching, learning and use of technology. The ability to understand technology and the responsibilities needed when being on it.Digital Etiquette is the process of understanding the appropriate conduct when being on the digital world. People who learn to use technology need to learn there is a process of acquiring the correct etiquette to use.Digital Law are laws applied online that protects various things and to keep the digital world in order. Without legislations in place the online world would be chaotic like physical society.

Digital Rights and Responsibilities are normal rights given to an individual and the basic rights are applied online such as freedom of speech, right to privacy, etc. Digital Health and Wellness is users being taught the well-being in a digital technology world. Serious health risks come along with the digital world and knowing them to counter them is important. Digital Security is precautions to preserve safety in the digital world as it is unsafe without being conscious of the threats6.Significance of Digital citizenship It is important to understand the significance of digital citizenship. It is a well-known fact that young children are using technology every day without really understanding the consequences of implementation. Children will use technology in school that is usually monitored by teachers for education purpose but once they are at home with supervision they will not be supervised which is incredibly risky without being a digital citizen. It is a requirement to teach digital citizenship to kids, so it is understood how the internet is and how to operate functionally within an online society.Moreover, employers will now judge potential employees off their social media and when a person typically applies for jobs you will have to link several social media accounts. It is incredibly important to show students going into the world how to create an online persona that can adequately project a constructive image of themselves.Furthermore, cyber-bullying is a huge factor in teaching and understanding digital citizenship. To fully prevent cyber-bullying, digital citizenship needs to be educated to everyone as they will know how to identify and deal with it when it occurs.

Additionally, information is constantly being shown online which means there will always be fake news that will be available. It is important to know which news is real and being able to verify the authenticity of it is another benefit that comes with digital citizenship.Lastly, it is easier to convey yourself, communicate with people and share ideas while being a digital citizen. Another benefit is that businesses can advertise for free which helps promote brand awareness especially when it comes to self-employed individuals When it comes to digital citizenship there is also serious drawbacks. For example, bullying is incredibly frequent online as users will think they are untouchable and bully often which is damaging and harmful to young or mentally ill individuals. An estimate of 34% of students report experiencing cyberbullying during their lifetime says Megan Meier Foundation7. It is also noted that females experience more cyberbullying by a significant amount, 40.6% compared to 28.2%. The statistics are high for cyber-bullying and it tends to happen quite frequently with adolescents. In has shown that in certain cases it will lead to depression and even suicide as shown by Megan Meier, a 13-year-old female that committed suicide due to cyber-bullying.Another major drawback is that privacy can be invaded and happens too often. With this typically comes unsolicited messages, calling and even in severe cases stalkers. Privacy is a huge concern especially when it comes to kids as parents will often not be aware of their kids’ interactions online meaning a constant threat will be available to kids.Furthermore, the younger generation are becoming distant with physical society and tend to lack the necessary communication skills to converse in a real-life setting. The serious effect that digital citizenship has shown individuals to become addicted to games and become anti-social frequently. According to an ICMPA study, most college students are not just unwilling, but functionally unable to be without their media links to the world.

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