The Advantage of White Lies: When is Lying Okay

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It is a fact that experts have also prove that it is not a good thing to say lie with others. However, in some circumstances, it becomes a necessity to say lie. A study shows that lying to somebody is always inadmissible and unacceptable (Maahs, 2018). Also, she said that saying a small white lie to somebody is not too bad as parents lie to their child in order to make them happy. Both the views are presented in forthcoming paragraphs along with my opinion. 

Firstly, it is also said by ancestors not to lie with others because this hinders the positive vibes around the surroundings. Also, if a person speak lie for the first time and never caught by a person then that individual becomes habitual of doing that same thing again. Not only this, it is also ethically and morally wrong to say lie. And this also have a negative impact on other family members in case a person say lie within their family or relatives. Furthermore, it will affect their relationship. There can be a conflict that can arise in case a person who is not okay but said that “he is fine” with his close friend. There are various distinct kind of lies and this also consist of protective lie and these kinds of lies are those that an individual does not even realize when they speak to someone. 

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The best illustration for this is Santa Claus, this is a lie that mostly parents say to their offspring. As discussed above also that ting lies told to someone makes others to speak even big lies (Pierce, 2018). Not only this, the big lie is more harmful than the tiny ones and this can lead to build more lies to cover all the previous lies. In this way, a person stuck in a situation where he always needs to speak lie in order to protect himself from getting into some wrong or harsh circumstances. 

On the flip side, some experts say that it is a talent an individual say lie to someone. This is because of the fact that if a person starts saying lie to someone at a very young age then there is a probability that he will have a good or even higher level of intelligence in his adult age. Along with this, there are some situations when there is a need to say lie to someone when a person wants to maintain a positive and strong relationship with their loved ones. It can be concluded that lies that accumulate good intentions are good but if the lies are said just for self benefit and have negative impacts on other that they are considered not to be good ones. So there should be critical analysis that when and at what circumstances one need to speak a lie. 

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