The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

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 We live in an era when a large amount of information becomes available to mankind, and every day our world becomes more and more advanced. One of the most magnificent inventions is the Internet. I cannot imagine how people lived without it. There are many advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. They were deprived of all those interesting abilities that it provides. There are endless opportunities to communicate, learn and work. One can chat in real-time with people who are somewhere in another country or find necessary information. That makes life easier and more convenient for us web users. Despite some negative aspects, the power of the internet is in communication, information, and entertainment and that is the most life-changing invention in our world. The most world-changing advantage of the internet is e-mail and messaging. They allow a person to communicate with people in any part of the world. People can send a message and receive a response, in seconds. The previous generation used to send paper letters to their friends, and cousins and it took them days or weeks to get a response back. With modern technology, we can easily schedule a meeting, make an important business deal, or simply keep up with family.

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 Access to information is probably the next advantage that the internet offers. Information can be found on any topic, even the laws, and services of any country. Before the internet, to find out the latest daily news a person needed to subscribe to a newspaper or wait for a program on TV or Radio. Today you can launch a browser on your smartphone and read not only what happened recently, but about every part of history. You don’t need to go to the local library and deal with the hustle of borrowing and returning books. Now all you need is Internet access on your phone or Wi-Fi. You can get not one, but hundreds of thousands of books at once in the form of various specialized sites and forums. This saves not only money but also precious time. Also, it is not a secret that the Internet greatly simplifies homework. Solving many problems and finding the necessary information using the Internet. Entertainment has grown to play a huge role in our life because of the Internet. People can access any video, movie, the songs of their favorite artists, rare photos, and the latest innovations in the gaming industry. You no longer need to queue for movie tickets, you can reserve a place for a movie at the right time without leaving your home. The way people go about shopping has also had a complete makeover thanks to the contributions of the internet. Many websites are selling a variety of products online and you just need to select the desired product and the entire financial transactions can be conducted through the internet. Shopping online also helps people with disabilities. In the real world scarcity of accessible parking, lack of elevators, and high product shelves are shopping challenges that affect millions of people who have physical accessibility. Online shopping eliminates many of these common challenges. 

With all the advantages there are also some disadvantages about which everyone should beware. The constant stay in the network leads to the fact that children, teenagers, and students are less and less burdened with their brains. Why spend hours doing homework by puzzling over a complex example or recalling the desired formula or rule, if the answer can be found on the world wide web. Constantly being in the virtual world, children lose the need and the ability to communicate with real people. Children can be so focused on their virtual life that they give up their real-life the harm of the Internet for children is more evident in that kids do not exercise and always not being in the open air. This can cause obesity, diseases of the spine, deterioration of vision, insomnia, and neurological problems. The global network is also full of information like pornography, scenes of violence, and lots of different terroristic groups that can harm a child’s psychological health. To control the accuracy of information obtained as a result of searches is not only possible but necessary. Trusting everything that is written on the World Wide Web would be too naive, because the Internet is a free access zone, and absolutely everyone can take part in its content. To influence people, terrorists use psychological attacks, which consist of spreading threats aimed at sowing fear and a sense of helplessness and spreading horrific images of their actions. They create groups and pages on the media sites where kids and people in depression can get trapped. 

Everyone knows what is good and what is bad, the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet; we decide for ourselves whether the Internet can be bad or good for us. People can get information to enrich their knowledge, but the most important thing is that we should not forget about real life and not get lost in this web of information like a fly. Use the internet wisely and it will give you all the good things to make you more knowledgeable and wiser.

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