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The Advantages Of Merit To The Bitcointalk Forum 

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The merit system of the forum has greatly enhanced the devotion of members to the world of crypto~currency. It has place certain restrictions to members to avoid any form of discrepancies in their participation in the community. However, it is apparent that the reason why some members decide to be a part of it is because of what they stand to gain, so the merit system distinguishes the fully involved and serious members from those that are just being greedy in their involvement and are not really ready to come to terms with the forum standard. While some go extra mile to have more ideas about crypto~currency so as to share the knowledge and experience with the other members of the community to help them become stronger in their dealings with the digital~currencies, some simply stay back and have other people’s work or contribution plagiarized thus reducing the standard of the forum. But this is definitely going to stop as the merit system takes over.

The merit system guides the forum members and motivate them to be fully focused in the community such that they are able to add good values to it and not otherwise. The merit system exists to uphold the community of the crypto lovers and to take it to the next level, so it demands the utmost cooperation of the members and it has staged some hierarchy for different members involved. This is very fascinating and helps to make everyone active and spontaneous in their involvement in the community. But some has taken this to be a sort of competition and they are willing to do what it takes for them to ascend the hierarchy ladder of the bitcointalk community. This is not supposed to be so, the merit system shouldn’t be a gear for dubious activities but it should rather be seen as a factor that encourages members as their contributions become evident and useful for the uplift and forwardness of the forum. If everyone could only see it as such, many would have a new perspective about it and would not focus on the gain but the progress of the forum. It requires a great deal of time and hardwork to actually ascend the merit system hierarchy ladder, so this helps to keep all hands on deck to achieving the aim of the creation of the forum. The forum shouldn’t just be a litter ground for any sort of cheap or useless talks that aren’t beneficial and useful to fortify members in their crypto~currency exploit, it should be way pass that, but members just have to see it the way it should be seen and not just as a money making ground where anything less could be done.

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Furthermore, i would say the merit system prevent all sort of empty posts that have no impact whatsoever on the forum and simple comments. It seeks to bring the best out of everyone involved because there is more to what an individual can offer as long as he/she is willing to submit and learn. The merit system appreciates everyone’s sincerity and doggedness in the forum and separates honorable members i. e those ones that understands the motive of the forum and are regularly contributing towards its advancement. This explains why their are members with all of them having different ranks as far as their involvement and contributions to the system is concerned. So members should maintain their integrity and statuses in making the forum a standard and uncompromising network for the growth and development of the digital community. Merit has been a defining factor for all the members of the forum and is still up at its function to to elevate members as they convincingly add values to the forum. Without the merit system, there will be no guide or control in the forum. Without it, there would be no yardstick to measure members contributions and how relevant they are in the forum.

Its like a drive for the effective interaction in the forum. So members are advised not to spam the forum or reduce the quality of the post they make in it because there is a community of people in the forum that are benefitted by the posts and comments made by others in the forum. Being a part of the forum demands ones painstaking effort and total commitment in all the activities that has to do with the forum and ones quality and sincere contributions to various topics and conversation on it. Doing the needful attracts merit for members, as simple as that. In conclusion, whether one happens to be a newbie in the system or even a certified member, what really matters is one’s enthusiasm for crypto~currency and the position one wishes to stand in advancing its progress or just following the crowd.


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