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The Alamo (1960): Historicity and Historical Value

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The supply of the screenplay for the film became the historical files that had been recorded down at some stage in the battle of the Alamo. The survivors that still were given to revel in the struggle and describe it in first person, their households got to tell others approximately it from era to era. It turned into also to expose the Texas revolution and how we became a hit after some days now not months or years but days. “Don’t forget the Alamo” become extensively utilized in this movie to preserve that slogan alive until nowadays it nonetheless is. The historians have been used as specialists within the movie and actors played their roles the way it became set to be during the struggle. The goal set for the film become to bring the difficulty and sacrifices, what now are understand nowadays, Texans made to gain independence from Mexico. It became no longer an essay avenue for the Texans, but all their difficult work gained them the independence.


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The film portrayed the records appropriately, which became that Texas didn’t like the way Mexico’s government was going for walks things, that weren’t useful to them. In order that they took count of their own hands that could turn bloody however benefit them independence. So, the warfare of the Alamo turned into to try to prevent Mexican forces from pushing through to stop Texas in rebellion and turning into impartial. Mexico gained the warfare however that’s when the 13 days are available in and standard Sam Houston to shape an navy. Of direction the phrase was given around the Alamo how they fought with around 1200 soldiers, while the Mexican forces had 4000. The inaccuracy in the film was have been the film became shot in Brackettville, Texas no longer in San Antonio, Texas were the actual battle occurred. The set of the film is used as an attraction for vacationer these days. A mistake in the film was when John Wayne who plays Crockett changed into jogging close to the chapel with a torch. In the chapel you can see a lot of Mexican infantrymen simply standing around doing nothing or having no expression, like they didn’t know that it became movement time. Some other mistake inside the film is when Crockett, Bowie are in conference with Travis who states that Fannin who’s in Goliad is preparing to
relieve the Alamo and equipped to “march south by way of the cease of the week.” When Goliad is 90 miles south of San Antonio. on the way to relieve the Alamo
Fannin could want to march north. Another inaccuracy within the film is inside the closing battle that became fought in daylight. In reality it changed into nevertheless darkish out on March 6th. By sunrise all the Defenders were dead. In keeping with film in the film I observed that after Bowie freed slave falls on top of himself to defend him from being killed, you could see the rubber bayonets stab him in his again, which the editor has to reduce out or the director should’ve done the scene again. All the inaccuracies that I indexed were word by means of the web sites of film, in line with them there had been 34 mistakes in the movie itself.

Historical Value

The historical value within the Alamo (1960) is what happened for the duration of the struggle against the Mexican military. John Wayne the director additionally started in the film as Col. Davy Crockett. I rate the film as a four-big name for historical value because in the films it additionally confirmed events that brought about the struggle and what occurred to the conflict. I in my view assume the director commenced the film due to the fact he desired to best it and ensure the film wasn’t just filmed to consider the Alamo however to expose what happened throughout the warfare and how it would seem like if we had been to revel in it with our own eyes. The Alamo war ground is still up till day in San Antonio Texas. Particularly the church and inside the partitions you could see in which the bullets hit and made holes.

Comparable Films

“The Man from the Alamo” (1953), is much like the Alamo because the main individual from the film is a survivor of the Alamo and arrives home to discover that thugs murdered his circle of relatives that have been disguised as Mexican infantrymen and it’s what occurs to him after the war.

“Heroes of the Alamo” (1937), tries to comfortable a critical Texas fortress result in a extended and sour battle among Mexican and American forces.

Alamo: The charge of Freedom (1988), Davy Crockett and James Bowie lead the fight to defend the San Antonio fortress from the Mexican military.


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