The American Dream Displayed in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

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In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, he uses the color yellow in an attempt to convey that anyone can achieve the American Dream through wealth, happiness, and love. For example, Gatsby shows that his wealth helps him achieve the American Dream. James Gatz has lived in poverty his whole childhood and thought he could be so much more. He changed his name to Jay Gatsby and lived his life like his wealthy friend named Dan Cody. He started a bootlegging business with Meyer Wolfsheim and made a lot of money. He used that money to move to New York and get closer to his long lover Daisy. He then hosted parties hoping he could see her again. The narrator proclaims, “While his station wagon scampered like a brisk yellow bug to meet all trains. And on Mondays eight servants, including an extra gardener,”. 

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Gatsby signifies elegance amongst everyone across New York City. He is always smiling or being friendly to everyone he encounters because he is living the American Dream of wealth and happiness. He has a huge mansion and is known by everyone in the city. In addition, Nick shows that being happy is the key to achieving the American Dream. Nick Carraway is a struggling young adult trying to be successful in the 1920s. He also moved to New York to study the bond business and make money. He doesn’t need a lot to make him happy. Nick states, “I bought a dozen volumes on banking and credit and investment securities, and they stood on my shelf in red and gold like new money from the mint,”. Nick doesn’t need money to achieve the American Dream because he is happy as long as he is having fun and succeeding. As one of Gatsby and Tom’s good friends, he never feels lesser than them because he is humble and appreciative of what he has.

 Lastly, Daisy shows that falling in love is essential to having the American Dream. Daisy married Tom Buchanan after Gatsby left for the war, but she wasn’t as happy because she wrote him letters while he was deployed. When Gatsby came back, she still loved him and was torn between Tom and Gatsby. Unfortunately, Gatsby was shot before she really started to spend time with him again. The narrator vocalizes, “It was dark here in front; only the bright door sent ten square feet of light volleying out into the soft… morning.”  Daisy achieves the American Dream by having a loving system around her. Daisy wasn’t really in love when she married Tom, but she knew Tom loved her, so she didn’t have to ever feel down or lesser than others because Tom always made her feel special. Daisy was always loved and she was content with living in luxury with the wrong man. 

To conclude, the American Dream can be achieved in many different ways as displayed in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, such as wealth, happiness, and love. 

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